Companion in the immediate frame

not the best driver
likely not the worst
thinking on how you have
confused me
infuriated me
saddened me

Give me that fuckn list
I will tick all the emotions off
except that one

You have left me
behind in the thick of it
ploughing up the uncertainties
baked into biscuits what I didn’t get right
door to door
you went with me
offering discounts on each crumb de more or less

The radio distracts
like it always does
friendly little music
my own private diversion therapist
A lot of emotion can be played over the music that we want

Immediate companion
I know your name
the secrets you have
I make this promise to love you a little more
bicker with you less
as the time on my face imparts the stamp of another year

I could eat you out
Drink you under the bridge
Leave you cold
Be a stone to the heat burning in the want of needs

I would write of a giggle this minute
if it would truly echo the smile in my thoughts
All that I have done to you, my immediate companion
in this such is life parade of escapades and pageantry
Still there is no malice
never this
no sharp pricks from the inside of my eyes
driving home the best foot intention

The immediate is you
and we are here as we always are
I see you
I see me
I understand you/me a little more this day
Happy Birthday I say to me
don’t count the candles it doesn’t matter any more…

© K S Hardy 2010

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Companion in the immediate frame by 

No, today is not my birthday but it will be one day.

I know we should seize the opportunities we have to be ‘real’ in our lives.
Well that is all very well but it can be really hard to do at times…
So just going back to basics and seeing the person in the rear mirror and saying hello.

Feelings and words fall on to the page
Sometimes they bite back
Sometimes they tug on our sleeve
Sometimes they have a cheeky grin
They stay once a page has found them
Words are faithful to us even in the dark

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  • markhadafairday
    markhadafairdayalmost 4 years ago

    wow this is deep. love it .

  • Thanks Mark, happy birthday to you… ;O)

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Tony Wilder
    Tony Wilderalmost 4 years ago

    My mind is my worst friend so to speak, it never shuts up and I spend my long drive in searching for the quiet behind the chatter in my head. The monkey mind that jumps from thing to thing and never this moment. Great writing KS,
    The immediate is you
    and we are here as we always are
    I see you
    I understand you a little more this day

  • Hi Tony,
    thank you for ‘seeing’ more than what can be said sometimes…. x

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • AnniG
    AnniGalmost 4 years ago

    Brilliant, brilliant as always…
    I know your name and the secrets you have / I make this promise to love you a little more / and bicker with you less as the time on my face imparts the stamp of another year
    I also make these promises…not always able to keep them as it seems too hard sometimes, but I do try…
    When another year rolls by, dressed with its own challenges neatly wrapped in pretty bows and bright paper, may it be happy to both you and your “immediate companion”…you both deserve a toast! xx

  • Hi Anni
    to be our own best mate… that is what me thinks is the
    best step forward we can do.
    And to do it without a selfish attitude to those who share
    our world as well…. bubbling jugglers that could be our
    other name me

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Cathal .
    Cathal .almost 4 years ago

    I love the simplicity of ‘I see you’ Its one of the most powerful things to say. The Zulu tradition use it frequently as a way of saying hello, if a Zulu saw you in the street he would say "I see you KarenSue’. Fantastic, glad you reminded of this with your beautiful and simple wisdom of life

  • Hi Cathal
    Thanks for the Zulu info… what a powerful statement as
    a greeting… Sensational me thinks!
    Oh..and so much better than " I smell you" ;o)

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryalmost 4 years ago

    The first 4 years of Malcolm’s life we had a birthday party for him every month. Cake, a small gift, songs and celebration. I was asked Why do you spoil him so? To which I replied, His being in our lives is cause for celebration every day! He celebrates his life each day, and we celebrate with him. Living is cause enough to celebrate – whether we live well or poorly, healthy or sick, happy or sad – life is cause enough.


  • What a fabulous celebration you have been teaching your boy
    we so need to feel the importance of being alive on this
    blue opal… We lose the connection to ourselves so easily it
    seems to me..
    So many distractions and extractions ..
    Thank you so much for sharing this it was an absolute delight
    to read of your ‘spoiling’ of Malcolm :)) xxx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • uncleblack
    uncleblackalmost 4 years ago

    Wonderful,strong reminder of our transience. I am enjoying being in the moment,reading this

  • Thank you so much for your thoughts on this …and yes
    your are right it is indeed a reminder of the fleetingness
    of life… :)

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockalmost 4 years ago

    Really a stiff drink coming from your the bile that spewed its truth…

  • Just a bit of whiskey in the ol’ ink when this was penned me thinks ;O))

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • sandra .
    sandra .almost 4 years ago

    Cathal’s …“I love the simplicity of ‘I see you’. Its one of the most powerful things to say” …is SO right on.
    Doll, I wonder about taking a peek in the ole rear view mirror, i guess, sure, lots to take stock of…I want to look thru a clear windscreen at the UP ahead, the now.(perfect ‘driving’ conditons:)
    sandrababy xx

  • LOL … you can take a peak where ever you like honeybunch and
    if that be under the seat and in the boot as well. ;O)
    Tis good to check all compartments for any hiding dialogues me thinks .. xxxx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Rocky Loder
    Rocky Loderalmost 4 years ago

    cheers to you… fuckin awesome…

  • Hi Rocky
    Cheers back at you mate :O)

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • lianne
    liannealmost 4 years ago

    Brava my friend – keep that promise to love you a little bit more and bicker less. It’s so damned hard to do that though – really see yourself and love yourself better. An amazing piece of writing KarenSue – made me sit up and take notice for it’s raw honesty. xoxox

  • Hi Lianne

    Thank you for being such an encouragement to me.
    I read your thoughts on this and feel like I have this unique connection to you. You so understand my work on a deeper level and it makes me feel less alone on the blue planet.

    – Arcadia Tempest

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