Dear Applicant

Dear Applicant

We have reviewed your application and are delighted to accept your latest bout of depression.
As your recognized authority on the ‘Black Dog’ it is our undertaking to be the conductor of how your dark canine walks you through the next weeks, months and if your dog is particularly hungry even years.
How long you remain in a collar and chain is up to you however.

A requirement of this new depression contract in keeping with the collective standards is to hide your Black dog as much as possible as it is unsettling for some members of the community.
In fact if you could manage to break a limb so there is a visible wound in need of healing this is really more palatable and will offer more assistance and acceptance to you on a social level.

If you would like to itemize and prove the cost of grooming and caring for your black dog we will consider reimbursing some serotonin at some designated time period, unknown currently.

If at some point there is a secondary infection of depression the contract will be extended accordingly to meet these requirements.
We will not offer hope or remedies as the contract is quite clear in the fine print relating to changes in brain chemistry, environmental causes and genetic inheritance will be adhered to.

Well, we wish you all the best and remind that this is a singular depression one that is unique to your life script and cannot be compared or shared with another applicant to be of greater or lesser degree.

With best wishes

Yours faithfully

The Cingulate Cortex

© K S Hardy 2010

Currently unavailable for purchase

Just another application processed…..

And their are more applicants than we realize.
And some can hide so very well.


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Feelings and words fall on to the page
Sometimes they bite back
Sometimes they tug on our sleeve
Sometimes they have a cheeky grin
They stay once a page has found them
Words are faithful to us even in the dark

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  • MissingYou
    MissingYouover 4 years ago

    oh I feel this and just love how you have taken something so painful and so real and yet something many do not understand and added a bit of humor to it….we all need humor in our life otherwise many of us would be forever in tears….Thanks for the laugh…I do love your mind:)

  • Hi Robin….yep sometimes humor does help but only when it is the timed right me thinks…
    And timing seems to be a integral part in so many things that happens in our lives. Thanks for being here and sharing you…xxx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Cathal .
    Cathal .over 4 years ago

    This is just so right ! I think you prove the point that humour is just a funny way of being serious, and with such a masterfully simple write you have communicated so many messages to ponder, marvelous work !

  • Thanks Cathal….tis the simple things in life hey….just getting back to basics can sure be harder for those who are struggling with the ball and chain of the rabid black dog….
    Mental illness of any degree is so often misunderstood by people who seem intelligent to me but just seem to miss the point..
    No-one stands in line asking to be made bluer than blue….
    Cheers mate :O)

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • lianne
    lianneover 4 years ago

    Oh my God, KarenSue – you have totally nailed this one – with just enough wry satire and wit to make it palatable but so full of truth!! For some, that “Black Dog” is a lifetime companion but hardly what one would call “man’s best friend!” For others, thankfully, he’s just an animal that gets loose every now and then. Fabulously expressed!!!

  • Hi Lianne…thanks you lovely woman. Just on a bit of a band wagon about the misconceived ideas that people have about others who struggle with their internal demons….
    Some do it tougher than others and may wear out the welcome mat….that is when they really need our love me thinks..xx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeover 4 years ago

    Sometimes the lens of comedy is the best way to access and see the intensity of tragedy. After all arent they different sides of the same coin? So masterful and beautifully rendered. You have gift to present heavy and deeply touching themes in a clever and profoundly moving way. Your mental freshness and agility is evident in every line. Love your work dear KarenSue. x

  • I feel all gymnastic reading your comments!! So thank you for putting that wonderful imagery of mental fitness in my mind….what a awesome image you have given me….Thank you so much!! xx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • rubyjo
    rubyjoover 4 years ago

    and the contract is null and void if this is a pre-existing condition…
    cool write KarenSue

  • Ohh well just got to get those black dogs to learn how to read me thinks and pick up their poo-poos! x

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • msdebbie
    msdebbieover 4 years ago

    The Cingulate Cortex that makes me snort! Very well expressed KarenSue – I love it. Often humour is the only way to cope with such difficult topics. Well done xoxo

  • Thanks to Ms Deb and also one and two…xxx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • kevinmawson
    kevinmawsonover 4 years ago
    brilliant piece! without humour it would be a sorry place to be!


  • Thanks Kevin for your kind words here about this serious life changing for some plight…

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 4 years ago

    They say humour is one of the best ways to deal with life’s lots. I say affirmative action is. Disclosure.
    It is when we speak it out – even if not one person understands we ourselves hear….and in listening to ourselves we can work out a plan to help.

    I can’t wait to give you long hugs. Love you xoxoxo

  • Maybe we should have a national holiday that celebrates those that come out of hiding behind the Depression Mask….. I can just hear the uproar about that in Parliament House!
    Yet the D Mask can affect anyone it does not discriminate. One of our pollies resigned his office a few years back because of his Black Dog that growled to loud for him to cope.
    I remember being strangely proud of how he did not hide his reasons for resigning from his post…I think his actions was a really great example.

    Oh and yep…I am startin to pack me little

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • bearwings
    bearwingsover 4 years ago

    hmm…wait……wait… i’m trying to compose something without using key words like depression and eternal sadness……………….shit.
    so, i’ve been over your contract and might be able to get you a good return on your tax this year. only one small catch, you have to do a few hours service as a crash test dummy, they won’t cover your medicals if you sit there and bash your head on a wall.
    you have to get someone else to do it for you.

  • So is this like getting a surrogate? Sounds like a really interesting idea me thinks..
    What would one pay them I wonder….particularly if you were stony broke.
    And what if they left without lettin you know half way through the deal….I guess the Black Dog might retaliate and piss and poop over what might of been a nice clean slate…

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • funkyfacestudio
    funkyfacestudioover 4 years ago

    Wow that is so creative Karen. I hide my big black dog (from most people) because when I let him out he runs amuck and ruins everything but I must admit that I “sick him” on well deserving people lol

  • Yeh stick em…..some peeps are just too mean sometimes and don’t even know how mean they are! Like they think they are doing you a good deed or sumding.
    Maybe your black dog ain’t all black but has golden spots me thinksxx

    – Arcadia Tempest

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