It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


Please don’t murder my puppy…

Where to begin. I’m having trouble finding the beginning in this story as the end is crushing at my throat. It isn’t a pretty…

Ghost Note in the Xmas Pudding

The music will not play for me on this day of end of week / I see notes dancing faraway eye days / I yearn to play within the charming co…

Dancing On The Sun

If I could dance on a setting sun my feet wouldn’t burn / My steps floating on a rainbow rich in living colour / Sand a mirror of yellow s…

Voice Coitus

Page One begins in a low octave / Stop interrupting me when I’m talking to my self / I can’t let a thought get lost in the dron…

Barking at Mushrooms

You know it’s going to be a different kind of day when you wake up to your dog barking at mushrooms. / Then the craving hits you. …

Words In the Missing

Merry chase of look and find / Blind me, bind me in your muse / Breathing in the monochrome rainbow / A cup of this, a teaspoon of that, me…

Cotton Muslin Love

I’m a cotton love me kinda gal / Wrap me in your blue azure muslin adore / Olive green tassels to drip onto my tongue / The trade of…


Hark there’s a breathing in the air / Tis the flutter-by of sparrow speaking / Listen slowly / Hear the beat of a rising / A sparrow …

Job Resume

Just when life is ticking along nicely someone throws a big bastardy brick through your bedroom window. The cops haven’t an inkling on w…

Broken without Glory

Tied to a body of haunted memory / Cast in the die / Broken without glory / Sadness a word snapping at heels / Beautifully crafted in remo…

Dirty Little Secret

But I was real.

A Life in Subtitles

Long ago child eyes left to steep in experience pot / longing / kites flying lost in birches and sycamores, drifting / Roads drafted wit…


Adrift within thoughts for an anywhere destination / there is you / The macroscopic easily folds away / into your pocket / Leaves wispin…


tiredness shreds the living out me sometimes / and so no capitals for the days of the week / i am a little i / breathing through a congeste…

We are the species of red blood

Listen to them bleeding out the woes of a few years, the long hours and stillborn seconds. / A bloody fine drop of mistakes and emotional …


The boat of a future horizon sails away / a chance to board a distant past tense for you / dusk and dawn becoming the forgotten hue / Ther…


I came here with different thoughts but once the white found me this changed. / “I entreat you to spare some of your warmth” …


I need the sway of your images / and words today / soothing me / taking me to a place / that has no cursor / today when the wind howls ou…

Tides are a Changing

The mob stood with rocks in their hands. / A collective consciousness growling with the licks of unfortunate blood,waiting for the impe…

Line of Sight

A rock and a hard howl settles between the line of sight / a sad place to be when not to be believed / Vinegar pricks to the heart / e…


i am peacefully broken

Teddy & Pearl Looking for The Oyster …

Teddy fretted. / What was taking her so long? / He’d phoned Kate to see if Pearl had been in contact, which he knew was very probable…

Teddy & Pearl Looking for The Oyster ( Part T…

Kate drove with as much due car her rattled senses afforded her. / “Our Pearls’ been going on few dinner dates with some really…

Teddy & Pearl Looking for The Oyster ( Part T…

Pearl wanted Teddy to follow her. / Pearl didn’t want Teddy to follow her. / Evidently walking was going to be her modus operandi for…

Teddy & Pearl Looking for The Oyster ( Part O…

Teddy thought to himself how delicious Pearl was as he listened to her voice ping pong around his ears.

Words Taking On The Page

minimalist / gulping air pockets squeezed into porcelain thimbles / the letter a, there is no b / light filters the naked room with warmth

It’s True

The phone rang, rattling around, a juicy bone begging for a chew.

Pollination of a Postscript in Innocence

He is not a him or a he / She is not a her or a she

Yellow Heart

so / cheerful from the inside out / grew from a song of yellow bird


Change is inevitable in the eye of the knowing.

New Religion

Love the madness of serving yourself…..

The uncomplete works of Love

Love is a lot of things.

Dear Blue

Look into the basket, it is the least that you can do while sitting out there blue dreaming.

Rapid Shawls


Word Platters

“It is complete”

The Kid, The Cat, The Dog

“Sleep will you be my friend now?”

It’s quiet

The magic is here we still stand.


Excuse me while I stare at your honesty.


A recrudescence of sore heart.


Don’t stare at me

Poet Whisperer

Gentle now / whisper for the poet steeps

Why bend a willow tree?

The world is beguiled by genuine smiles.

Wirte me a olve sogn (Arms)

Arms….. / How long are your arms?

Long deep throat

The thunderstorm moves closer to my little house.

Written Rush

rush to your nearest heart store and seek refuge

Lost my edge ….fuck it

I apologize not.

Bittersweet Litmus Test

Litmus Test

A Contract of Scent

She didn’t have peach or vanilla bean skin. / ………… / Was he faithful to this woman of rich homely cloth and …


She is my hero.

Mud in your bucket

I just knew the clouds today were saying "Ahhhhh that’s better”. / ………….. / “Move out of the way……


I’ve hitched a ride for the time feels right

Gingerbread Innocence

I know I loved your innocence.

Our Story

RED BUBBLE WRITING COLLABORATION*** / “Who are you? And where are you?”

Paper Cut Boy

I mean I shelled out a lotta bucks for this suit.

Coin Tale

Ohh…I hope she steps into the sunlight for me.

Lace Tattoo

More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue….


Who saw more and still cared

an even finish for the tortoise and the hare

heaven for mind to siesta with the muse / curled up spooning / inside Number 8

jaw bones

Snap. / A word falls from a large bleak jaw bone and it rolls and rolls around.

Living Ropes

Walking the ropes / Your the balance champion

Words for Julep

She thought his voice was so friendly and warm it could dry wet dankly hair on any winter’s day. / A rush of his words heatin…

Jimmy Dean Marmalade

Days of tea and Jimmy Dean marmalade / toes tracing smiles in the ground
Blur Kiss by Arcadia Tempest

Greedy Shits

It was silly really as substitutes would suffice but that “wouldn’t be proper” the majority yelled back.

The Girl with the Red Hair

The girl with the magnificent red hair with an absorbency of rich clarity declaring war against cardboard greys, road worn blues a…

A Strong Horse

I tried to find a strong horse / to take all the weight of me / It was not to be / the stables were empty / in the end / Some horses I r…

Stinky Code

“What are yours like?” / “Interesting”

Edible Leper

meat and boiled red tats

A Worthy Glimpse

Impossible Me

A woodcutter will not cut leaves made from love

“Hello woodcutter”.

My Lord Carpathian

They will protect the painter of eyes.


“Slip into my stream” said the stone

Kind grief kissed the sorrow lips of a lost witho…

Burn the tongue for clotted sounds

Lemonade Demons

I envy, I covet, I spy them with my eye and I want to have a little of that Rapunzel spun right stuff.

Chair pouring

Pour me a second glimpse of If

William and the Word Pirates

William would have found my minky sweat his full moon delight if we’d happened a chance under the same sun.

Ladders, employment and considerations.

I don’t want to die in the arms of someone and be a nobody or hear that the ladder was short one rung…

The Shadow in the Wind

“Yeh he must be so lonely for a mate”

I have untamed thoughts

I have untamed thoughts. / I’ll drive fast razor red cars just so I can screech corners. / I’ll go places I don’t need to be. / Places I …

Lilith’s Lullaby

Lilith opens her wings
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