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RB Writers Hidden in the No Tab Mist

Since joining RB 4 years ago I have been an ardent supporter, consumer, contributor and have rode out the unpopular changes as I have the philosophy that we need to work with the positives and let the negatives go.

Yes this site is foremost a business which offers creative souls a free place to post their creations and have the opportunity for sales.
It is a site that encourages the celebration of being creative.

However let’s not be under any other illusion about the underlying reason for this site which is sales.

As the opening greeting on Red Bubbles offers this
“Redbubble is quite simply the finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace on the interlink. There, we said it. With artists and designers hailing from every corner of the globe, displaying eye opening talent, skill, passion and enthusiasm for all forms of creativity there really is no better place for you to get your artistic kicks.”

Why is writing hidden the back stalls?
Of course we know that writing does not sell on this site.
Writing is however as Uncle Google reports after some rather brilliant background checking considered globally to be a creative talent.

So being the ethos of the site is also about all forms of creativity then why is WRITING so bloody hard to find??
It’s not in any of the links drop downs….well as far as I can see.
There is no designated easy to find ‘Writing Tab’ which I have requested with other members in various ways to the powers that be with no results.

SO if you are new to this site you need to be a good treasure hunter and know that there is a writing community.

I have told many people about Red Bubble and encouraged them to have a look for themselves to peruse the amazing works and also to sign up.
I have purchased what I feel are wonderful quality items as well.
I am feeling less inclined to do any of the above at the moment.
I hope I get over my hissy fit…..

Yours faithfully

A Writer

p.s. I am breaking my personal of rule of not favoriting my own posts.
Cos I am having a hissy fit…..

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