How Do I Find New Writing Posts & Writers?

Hello out there. If anyone is listening and can help me that would be awesome. Ok if you don’t know me I have been coming back to RB off and on since 2008. Once upon a time this site gave writers a much louder voice by how easy it was to navigate the site to find new writers or new writing posts. Now as time has passed the site has grown up into a fully fledged online retail store which really it always was exactly this it just had to have some growing spurts to get there.

I have spent a good hour trying to find new writing posts ( well calling it good is stretching that word into ways it shouldn’t go) but I am side tracking. Sorry.

If someone has figured out how to find writing posts without having to search all the writing groups I would be very grateful.

Thanking …

Has the world gone madder since I slept last night?

Has the world gone madder since I slept last night?

Two sisters shot dead for dancing in the rain, furthermore with smiles to add to their crimes.
Please help me make sense of all of this?
I saw the images of two beautiful young girls only just on the verge of a wonderful new chapter and now they are still, gone with no more rhythm in their feet or hearts.
No more dancing the next time the rain falls to nourish the grain.

What would I tell my son if somehow the news of this tragedy reaches his ears?
I will hide it from him if I can because I have nothing that would make sense to tell him.

I don’t understand why the love of life by dancing was an act of dishonor.
I don’t want to make this into a racial rant.
I don’t want to take sides.
I don’t want to cause any kind of upset.
I just want to unders…

RB Writers Hidden in the No Tab Mist

Since joining RB 4 years ago I have been an ardent supporter, consumer, contributor and have rode out the unpopular changes as I have the philosophy that we need to work with the positives and let the negatives go.

Yes this site is foremost a business which offers creative souls a free place to post their creations and have the opportunity for sales.
It is a site that encourages the celebration of being creative.

However let’s not be under any other illusion about the underlying reason for this site which is sales.

As the opening greeting on Red Bubbles offers this
“Redbubble is quite simply the finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace on the interlink. There, we said it. With artists and designers hailing from every corner of the globe, displaying eye openi…

Scene One

I didn’t notice at first. I was too busy reading and viewing on Red Bubble…..lost in a creative world… felt good.

Then a noise broke through into my world.
I ignored the noise which had now become noises.
It persisted.
I persevered and continued on my journey, a journey with no end but having an end was never the point anyway.

A voice arrested my attention again and I turned and I saw boy child annoying the crap out of the cat on my bed. Thwack, Thwack , thud went the cat’s tail protesting the intrusion upon his well earned cat nap.

“Leave the cat alone”

I re-entered my bubble and continued on where I had last left my mind footprint……food for my soul.

More noise…..

This time the dog grunting that he was also in the room and was…

One Good Person

It’s late and when it’s late and one is tired ….well you get that combo of being tired of late.
Lately I am tired of the mistakes I have made.
Lately I am tired of having to hold my breathe for too long.
Lately I am tired of proof that I am not worthy in the eyes of some.

Yeh it’s late and a new day will add another colour to what you have felt from your back aching against the silent wall.

English Novelist – George Eliot said “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”
I am counting on that to be true George who was really Mary.
Seems Mary Ann Evans knew she could be a good woman and also a good man.

I would just like to be a good person.

Bubble Whispers ( Progressive Collaboration)


The open door was begging for me to enter so I obliged.
I tripped on the rug on the way in, there was something under it, or should I say some things tucked away securely from prying eyes, yet bulging ubiquitously so that one couldn’t help but fall flat on one’s face.
As I fell I noticed the bulge moving a bit.
A hand reached out and grabbed my ankle.

I knew this place. It felt like I was revisiting a room in my past where symmetry and harmonization had lived in faultlessness, though now I realize that such apparent perfection was an illusion.

I closed my eyes and remembered his coffee-flavored kisses.
The room smelt stra…

Today I will try my best to tickle the dark clouds belly and see if they will laugh sunshine through.

Today I will try my best to tickle the dark clouds belly and see if they will laugh sunshine through.
Today I will ask the day to let all puddles be warm and delicious.
Today I will see that my height is no measure of how tall I have grown in wisdom.
Today I will look at a passing stranger and code wink that life is about love.
Today I will be a lot more of the rosy apple and less of the wriggling maggot.
Today I will rush to be your friend.
Today I will touch something new.

Please add your today thought :)

Scary stuff ..... check your butt for any cracks

Please pardon this journal’s title.
I thought it was a more polite way to infer you may poop yourself when you get to the video….
I have been watching some interesting videos on poltergeist activity….and getting a little bit sucked into it all.
Refusing to look over my shoulder when I felt something…someone tap me on my shoulder I kept going with my investigation.
And I was rewarded.

I found an authenticated video of poltergeist activity. I am not looking forward to sleeping as I am quite spooked now.

It is very frightening.
You have been warned.

A walking thought

When does the walk with me sound like walk away from me?
Is it the way my gait has a limp of yesterday blues?
Can we eat the dark crumble on the pathway and keep upright?
When did walking become the less fashionable speed in life?
Is a walking footprint less permanent than a running footprint?
Should we expect an answer to just walk in the door?
Are the type of ‘shoes’ we choose predisposed to different types of walking?
Has anyone ever told you that it’s too risky to walk towards a risk?
Will walking around the merry-go-round of what can’t be solved result in dizziness?

Life was walking the moment you first opened your eyes
Walk with life
I can’t run anymore
Life was never meant to be a race
Walk and get some sneakers

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