Tumbling To The Music

I love the no reasons of words tumbling out of t… Inside imagination roared dragon spit as the skipping rope hit my out of time feet The cupboard was bare except for epiphany bites What she knew was clear on the day the epiphany opened her mind to this view Long deep throat The thunderstorm moves closer to my little house. Bittersweet Litmus Test Litmus Test Asleep in words What will morning bring? Sensing the Skin of Tomorrow The texture of her frame is too soft for her breath tonight / She must dream of iron and alchemy to fashion a new will of life Jimmy Dean Marmalade Days of tea and Jimmy Dean marmalade / toes tracing smiles in the ground an even finish for the tortoise and the hare heaven for mind to siesta with the muse / curled up spooning / inside Number 8 The Bigger Big Bang Theory Before Star Breath Necessity has taught one must balance the elements of life Wirte me a olve sogn (Arms) Arms….. / How long are your arms? Signatures never grow old A letter with a few sentences can tell a whole life to another life. Shabby dreamer navigating the Orinoco fine silk soul crushed by living little and dreaming long simpatico footprint A simpatico footprint fits all Anaconda Ink Snakes and Ladders The Temptation Of Bitterness Bitterness tempting us in life / A granite fist to rage our plight / Oh mighty reasons to scourge / We all have to take the B Pill / To su… Dancing White Rabbit Alice could you try and forget me and dance with the white rabbit from now on? ‘Ok Corral in Muse Town’ Muse town population minus one bridges I’ll be a sturdy bridge for those that show respect for my foundations. Lemon Spread by Arcadia Tempest Living Ropes Walking the ropes / Your the balance champion Emeritus of Hope Galileo our emeritus of modern hope awoke to seek / You as his audience in the twilight waking of new days Clean & Dirty It was the same everyday for Gemma, same routine, shower twice before getting dressed. / Everything in Gemma’s world must be clean; cleanl… Flavour Who saw more and still cared