There is so much creative thought & talent to mix it up with here on the bubble.
I know that writing is a driving force behind who I am.
It is integral to my well being.
I find words and their many meanings a joy to discover, play with and hopefully convey a message of worth.

I endeavor to write about all manner of subjects….to dive in the deep end of life’s emotions and to also muse on the simple everyday occurrences that pass us by. My work is a mix of a little of me, other people, observations and pure imagination.

One of my pet ‘hates’ ( which changes depending on what has prevailed) is people being unkind just because they think they can get away with it.

Well RB’s thanks for checking in… leave you now with this " Kind words + You , belong together."



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Has the world gone madder since I slept last night?

Has the world gone madder since I slept last night? / Two sisters shot dead for dancing in the rain, furthermore with smiles to add to their crimes. / Please help me make sense of all of this? / I saw the images of two beautiful young girls only just on the verge of a wonderful new chapter and now they are still, gone with no more rhythm in their feet or hearts. / No more dancing the next time th…
Posted about 2 years – 10 comments

RB Writers Hidden in the No Tab Mist

Since joining RB 4 years ago I have been an ardent supporter, consumer, contributor and have rode out the unpopular changes as I have the philosophy that we need to work with the positives and let the negatives go. / Yes this site is foremost a business which offers creative souls a free place to post their creations and have the opportunity for sales. / It is a site that encourages the celebr…
Posted over 2 years – 36 comments

Scene One

I didn’t notice at first. I was too busy reading and viewing on Red Bubble…..lost in a creative world… felt good. / Then a noise broke through into my world. / I ignored the noise which had now become noises. / It persisted. / I persevered and continued on my journey, a journey with no end but having an end was never the point anyway. / A voice arrested my attention agai…
Posted over 2 years – 25 comments

One Good Person

It’s late and when it’s late and one is tired ….well you get that combo of being tired of late. / Lately I am tired of the mistakes I have made. / Lately I am tired of having to hold my breathe for too long. / Lately I am tired of proof that I am not worthy in the eyes of some. / Yeh it’s late and a new day will add another colour to what you have felt from your back achi…
Posted over 2 years – 37 comments

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Dancing On The Sun

If I could dance on a setting sun my feet wouldn’t burn / My steps floating on a rainbow rich in living colour / Sand a mirror of yellow s…

Voice Coitus

Page One begins in a low octave / Stop interrupting me when I’m talking to my self / I can’t let a thought get lost in the dron…

Barking at Mushrooms

You know it’s going to be a different kind of day when you wake up to your dog barking at mushrooms. / Then the craving hits you. …

Words In the Missing

Merry chase of look and find / Blind me, bind me in your muse / Breathing in the monochrome rainbow / A cup of this, a teaspoon of that, me…

Cotton Muslin Love

I’m a cotton love me kinda gal / Wrap me in your blue azure muslin adore / Olive green tassels to drip onto my tongue / The trade of…


Hark there’s a breathing in the air / Tis the flutter-by of sparrow speaking / Listen slowly / Hear the beat of a rising / A sparrow …

Job Resume

Just when life is ticking along nicely someone throws a big bastardy brick through your bedroom window. The cops haven’t an inkling on w…

Broken without Glory

Tied to a body of haunted memory / Cast in the die / Broken without glory / Sadness a word snapping at heels / Beautifully crafted in remo…

Dirty Little Secret

But I was real.

A Life in Subtitles

Long ago child eyes left to steep in experience pot / longing / kites flying lost in birches and sycamores, drifting / Roads drafted wit…


Adrift within thoughts for an anywhere destination / there is you / The macroscopic easily folds away / into your pocket / Leaves wispin…


tiredness shreds the living out me sometimes / and so no capitals for the days of the week / i am a little i / breathing through a congeste…