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As a photographer I consider myself a beginner, I haven’t found my real style yet. I love trying to meet the challenges of the different groups and admiring the works of other members; it all helps me to progress. I always have my camera with me, in fact the other day my daughter asked me if it was grafted to my wrist! It’s only a little flat Olympus VR320, so I am quite proud of the results I obtain sometimes. I hoot with joy when I get features!
A retired English teacher, I live in a tiny hamlet in the country in Charente Maritime on the south-west coast of France. Most of the nature photos are taken in my garden, which has a beautiful view over the fields, or in the immediate vicinity.
But I also love Paris where I have a small apartment (a big change from the view over the fields!) We go for a week every month and enjoy the bustling streets, the theatre, the exhibitions and the general ambience.

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All about finding the unusual

No hosts in this group for ages, what a pity, I loved it. Opened my eyes to everyday things and enjoyed it.
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Curious number today – total views of my photos on Aug 2nd 2014. Thanks to all, and love the new throw pillows. :)
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Just sold my 12th card thanks to the anonymous person who bought the photo of fish and chips, who I suspect is a far away nostalgic Yorkshire lad/lass yearning for comfort food! Cheers.
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