Sojie 17 nomination

'Lady Missouri', Great, Great, Grandma, full blood Cherokee American Indian, A Cherokee Fantasy
by luvapples downunder/ Norval Arbogast

Digital Art

Mouse Drawn and painted in Photoshop 5.5, Windows ’98

3587 X 3800 px


This is a fantasy painting of what I would like GG Grandma to look like. All the information I have is just names in old documents and family pass down. GG Grandpa came from Spain to this territory that would become Missouri in the late 1700’s and married GG Grandma a full blood Cherokee. Their son my G Grandpa married a full blood Cherokee too. A picture from those years doesn’t exist so I have taken one of my Botticelli’s ladies and modified it with traits that have come down through the generations. For the background I have used renowned Missouri frontier painter George Caleb Binghams’s ‘Fur Traders on the Missouri’. I have modified it in photoshop to better fit my design in color and size. I hope you enjoy this little personal fantasy. I have enjoyed creating it.


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