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Chad Lieberman/Art4Love Art Theft

There is a forum post about this already, but I want to get this out as much as possible:

If you haven’t heard about Chad Love Lieberman and his (now closed) website Art4Love, take a minute to find out what’s going on. You or a fellow artist may have been affected by this, and we need to make sure everyone in the art community is aware of what happened.

In a nutshell, Lieberman created a website called art4love.com where he was selling thousands of artworks created by hundreds of artists—It seems like he mainly got work off deviantART and FurAffinity, and he typically targeted digital artists. However, there was a good mix of artists and their works, so I would definitely take the time to look through these links that have the lists of images and artists affected. The site was shut down because of the copyright infringement, but unfortunately, he made (and has bragged about making) thousands from this website, essentially taking money from the artists he stole from.

A great site with a bunch of resources in better understanding this whole situation is the blog Quirky Love, which has a bunch of information on Chad, links to screenshots of the site, full listings of the artwork stolen (about 4000 images), and what to do if you were one of the artists he stole from.

The Life and Times of Important Dee has a huge (and still growing) list of all the deviantART artists included. She also links to screenshots, a full image listing, and a link to the Colbert Report forums where many of us have been trying to get some media attention. Currently, in spite of how widespread this theft has been, we’ve yet to have any legitimate news coverage on the situation.

Alexiuss of deviantART is also working on establishing a class-action lawsuit against Lieberman. Consider donating to his cause so he can hire a copyright lawyer, and if your art was stolen and you have a screenshot proof, send it to him along with the pertinent contact information.

Lastly, there is a fast-growing Facebook group against Chad and his disgusting actions.

Please, if nothing else, spread the word about this disrespect to artists and art appreciators. I’ve been fortunate enough that two people were able to identify my paintings in the huge mix of stolen work, and without them letting me know, I’d be completely clueless to this whole situation. Many people are completely unaware that their works were used, and many people are content to just be thankful that his site was shut down, but we need to remember he has, without exaggeration, made thousands off these actions; he needs to be brought to justice.

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