I try to be as creative and exploratory in my work as possible. Choosing new media, techniques, subject matter and genera, whenever the mood takes, as I see creativity as a process and a journey; not an arrival point or destination.

For me creativity is a part of my being, akin to breathing and in a continuous state of flux like the ebb and flow, the macro & micro, or the growth and decay inherent in all aspects of nature. So much so that I see it feeding into all areas of life and the substance around me to make for a richer way of living, and a more unique way of seeing the world.

With creativity I am always in the process of trying to let go rather than obtain; and in doing so find a great sense of freedom and insight hidden in amongst the smallest and most insignificant of moments, memories or matter.

All of my work including and especially my writing and emails are not part of the public domain.

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