April in Autumn

While it can be April in Autumn to anyone living in the southern Hemisphere, here in the Northern hemisphere it’s August in Autumn for sure.

I am back on the bubble uploading works, with a torch to see my way around the new changes. Still a little confused, but I think it’s great what has been done. The images of work are ever sharper and I hope they’ll appeal to anyone visiting and hoping to buy cards or prints. My thanks, as always, to those who do!

I’ve been busy all summer working on commissioned work and am now back prepping canvasses for new work of my own until orders for Christmas come in. Work that hasn’t sold this year through my own efforts can be found in a very nice friendly framing gallery in Ireland, so fingers crossed there. In the meantime I am thinking that perhaps a new calendar is needed. Some new pebble paintings to inspire people month by month, you think? Why not.

I have a few ideas already.
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Cheers for now!


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