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April in Autumn

While it can be April in Autumn to anyone living in the southern Hemisphere, here in the Northern hemisphere it’s August in Autumn for sure.

I am back on the bubble uploading works, with a torch to see my way around the new changes. Still a little confused, but I think it’s great what has been done. The images of work are ever sharper and I hope they’ll appeal to anyone visiting and hoping to buy cards or prints. My thanks, as always, to those who do!

I’ve been busy all summer working on commissioned work and am now back prepping canvasses for new work of my own until orders for Christmas come in. Work that hasn’t sold this year through my own efforts can be found in a very nice friendly framing gallery in Ireland, so fingers crossed there. In the meantime …

Join me

You can now join me on facebook for up to date information on new work, that isn’t always posted here on the bubble. Due to workload in recent weeks I haven’t always been able to post back to your comments, but thank you very much for every one!
Thank you for all your support

My fanpage is:

See you there!

Thank you

I would like to express my thanks to the kind customers who purchased greetings cards recently. And also to those who purchased them from me. The proceeds of which have gone to charity (Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Dublin). It is much appreciated.

I am also showing my chocolate paintings here in Ireland at an exhibition to help raise funds for the Children’s Hospital. So far I’ve made some sales of cards, prints and paintings and have commissions which will also contribute to helping this very worthy cause. Thank you for your continued support here on RB.

Gratitude and thanks

A special Thank You to you all :-)

I’d just wanted to extend my warmest thanks to you all for your support over the last few months of 2011. I joined in May 2011 and since then have thoroughly enjoyed uploading and sharing my work with you all. I was overwhelmed by the immense support and feedback shared by many of you on so many pieces of my work. I’ve really enjoyed ‘meeting’ so many of you (artists and writers) across the globe and feel very inspired.

This year was creatively a turning point for me in that it gave me a new direction to head in and a set of completely different paintings to present. It was also a year where I went Professional as an artist and, though exciting, it left me with little time to network here on RB. So my apologies for not being able to stop in so much to support yo…

Hi all ~ remember me? LOL


Hi all. I hope you’re all creating beautiful works of art and enjoying selling them here on RB and at home? If not, don’t worry. Christmas is coming and Santa needs a little help in the gift department.

I have been a little absent from the bubble and do feel a little out of touch. There is a new Polo mint painting to check out if you haven’t already, and my thanks go to the Photorealistic group for the feature recently. It is for sale if anyone likes it. Enquiries to me at serenityinstone@gmail.com

If you’re on Facebook and are connected with me you’ll know I am busy painting 3 paintings at the moment and selling prints, cards and drawings locally. Marketing, marketing, marketing until my eyes pop out! But it has paid off a small bit.
My fanpage is w…

Mounted works and fanpage details

In the last few weeks I’ve been posting up some drawings of stones for an open event taking place at my home in the near future. I thought you might like to see the pieces now mounted. My local framer has really done them justice and I am cellophane wrapping them in the coming days.

Don’t forget that I have a fanpage at Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/pages/April-Jarocka-Fin... for anyone wishing to follow me there. Your support is always greatly appreciated! And don’t forget that if you have a page on FB let me know and I’ll LIKE it!! Post it below!

Playing to your strengths (and an apology)

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to drop into my little corner of the bubble to comment so kindly and favourite my works. I am sorry if I am not able to comment back as much but I can’t spend that much time here at the moment.

I’m very busy trying to make new paintings and drawings happen facing the daily challenge of trying to be original and inspiring.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my work here with you all especially the chocolate paintings, but nothing has convinced me that I should persue this path further. I could be wrong. So I have decided to turn my nose to the wind that called me in the first place to paint the natural beauty of stone. They have really proved very interesting to paint and there has been such an interest in them, and sales as well. So I …

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