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Hosts Needed

I have run out of time to spend on Redbubble at least for quite awhile.

If anyone is interested in hosting one or more or my groups, please B-mail me.



I See the Lord

The following poem is dedicated to a dear family who recently lost their 13 year old daughter. She had asked the Lord into her heart and she loved to attend church and worship God. I believe this would be her testimony.…

I See the Lord

I see the Lord,
His smile so bright;
His countenance,
All pure and white.

He beckons me,
From the golden shore;
This life on earth,
Holds me no more.

A thought passes by,
As I take God’s hand;
Will my family and friends,
Take a Holy stand?

And as they stand,
Above my grave;
I pray in Him,
They all are saved.

My foot touches the ground,
Of the Holy land;
All my fear and sorrow,
I leave in God’s dear hand.

Ah, now I know,
What He has planned;
For me, the world,
And Heaven’s band.

I realize my life,
There upon the earth;
Was not a lifetime,
But merely my birth.

Forever more I,

A Call From God

A Call From God

Some hear it in the preaching,
Some hear it in a song,
I began to hear God’s voice,
When my life was farther along,

My joints and muscles are tired,
I’m forced to slow life down,
That’s when I heard God’s quiet voice,
It said, “Your faith has grown.”

It’s time to listen and learn,
My plan for the rest of your life,
Oh, no! I think, I’m too old,
Too weak to conquer all the strife.

God answers my excuses,
Your greatness isn’t the stay,
I only use open vessels,
Your strength gets in the way.

My eyes are suddenly opened,
There is no decision to make,
God has called me to service,
There are no chances to take.

I kneel in prayer before Him,
An open vessel I’ll be,
So He can work His greatness,
With no interference from me.

April Lymer

Perhaps Today

Perhaps Today…

Perhaps today the clouds will part asunder,
Reveal a glory brighter than the sun,
And we shall view with transport, joy and wonder,
The hope of earth and Heaven’s beloved One.

Perhaps today the world’s last taunt shall grieve us,
And Satan, foiled, his final dart shall cast,
And all of flesh’s frailties shall leave us,
And disappointment evermore be past.

Perhaps today from weary beds of anguish
God’s suffering saints shall breath their final sigh,
In glory rise, no more on earth to languish,
To meet their great Deliv’rer in the sky.

Perhaps today the trump of God resounding,
Shall wake the sleepers from their beds of clay,
And we with them our longed-for Lord surrounding,
Shall see His glorious face—perhaps today!

Author Unknown

Taken from 742 Heart-warming Poems compiled by John R. Ri

Heaven's Ground

Heaven’s Ground

Oh, Lord how high you are
That when I looked near and far
It took a miracle of your love
To bring you down from above
And, show me the eternal way
That I may live each day
Walking in your path of light
Keeping me from the dark night
And giving me hope and peace
That I may someday feel the sweet release
Of my earthly body that holds me down
And, then I’ll be near you on Heaven’s ground.

April Lymer

God Loves You

God Loves You

“God loves you!” Truly, that sounds good!
Three words—expressed in half a breath—
Yet words not fully understood,
Nor can be, not this side of death.

But when believed then life grows sweet,
And shadows lose their somber gloom;
“God loves you” – let me them repeat,
Then e’en the grave shall be not tomb.

Did not God empty Heaven above
When Christ His Son He sent to die?
Who trusts in that redeeming love
Shall live through all eternity.

J. Danson Smith

Taken from 742 Heart-warming Poems compiled by John R. Rice

Finding Emma



At nine years of age Bridget Davis was coping quite well all alone in the small, dark hotel room. Her mother had made her a promise earlier when the sun still shown slightly through the faded orange curtains that she and father would return the next day with her new baby sister.

Slipping out of bed she tiptoed into the bathroom quickly slamming the door against imaginative monsters attempting to trip her up as they reached out from under the bed.

Placing her right hand on her chest she felt her heart skipping beats. The grimy mirror reflected an ashen face which normally would be rather pretty if it wasn’t for the tear stains on her rosy cheeks. In her left hand she held her hairbrush that Mother used every evening before bedtime to straighten Bridget’s long auburn cu

The Messiah

The Messiah

Foretold by the prophets, longed for by men,
Heralded by angels, ministered by them;
Followed by thousands as earth’s path He trod,
Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God!

Forsaken, rejected, He took my place;
Bearing my sin, my blame and disgrace.
So much He loved me, a creature of sod,
This Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God

Margaret Wendel

Taken from 742 Heart-warming Poems compiled by John R. Rice

The Cup

My Cup

O Christ, what burdens bowed Thy head,
Our load was laid on Thee;
Thou stoodest in the sinner’s stead,
Didst bear all ill for me.

Death and the curse were in our cup,
O Christ, ‘twas full for Thee,
But Thou hast drained the last dark drop,
‘Tis empty now for me.

Author Unknown

Taken from 742 Heart-warming Poems compiled by John R. Rice

He Died For Me

He Died For Me!

Was it FOR ME He bowed His head,
Upon the cross, and freely shed
His precious blood – that crimson tide,
Was it FOR ME the Savior died?

It was FOR ME…Yes all FOR ME…
O love of God…so great, so free…
O wondrous love…I’ll shout and sing…
He died FOR ME…my Lord and King!

J. Danson Smith

Taken from 742 Heart-warming Poems compiled by John R. Rice

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