Redbubble Changes

I see Redbubble has made the changes that they announced previously.

Yes, it is very different but, so far I like it.

As a host of a few groups I’m hoping everyone will be patient with me as I learn where all the “gadgets” have been moved to and get used to them.

This is just like getting a new car. Everything is still there and you eventually figure it all out after you’ve turned on the windshield wiper five times when trying to turn on the headlights.

But, we all like that new car smell, the better mileage and the new “gadgets”. We can have fun getting used to Redbubble’s new gadgets just as we do with that new vehicle.

Have fun!



  • Nicole W.
    Nicole W.about 2 years ago

    Glad you like it April LOL

  • Nicole W.
    Nicole W.about 2 years ago

    I just wish I could add this discussion to the discussions I follow, and get a reminder if something new is added….but apparentkly thats eliminated :-(

  • Susie Peek
    Susie Peekabout 2 years ago

    It will take some getting used to as with all new things …. hopefully it’ll be for the better!

  • Tori Snow
    Tori Snowabout 2 years ago

    It took me a few minutes to figure things out but, I like it too :-)

    JUSTARTabout 2 years ago

    i like it too !

  • GardenJoy
    GardenJoyalmost 2 years ago

    Hi AprilAnn, I still haven’t found out how to send bubblemail to someone yet… so I’m sending this this way.. I was hoping to get an invite to the ENCHANTED FLOWERS group that you host, but it say’s to bubblemail you.. If you know how to do that let me know..