Perhaps Today

Perhaps Today

Perhaps today the clouds will part asunder,
Reveal a glory brighter than the sun,
And we shall view with transport, joy and wonder,
The hope of earth and Heaven’s beloved One.

Perhaps today the world’s last taunt shall grieve us,
And Satan, foiled, his final dart shall cast,
And all of flesh’s frailties shall leave us,
And disappointment evermore be past.

Perhaps today from weary beds of anguish
God’s suffering saints shall breath their final sigh,
In glory rise, no more on earth to languish,
To meet their great Deliv’rer in the sky.

Perhaps today the trump of God resounding,
Shall wake the sleepers from their beds of clay,
And we with them our longed-for Lord surrounding,
Shall see His glorious face—perhaps today!

Author Unknown

Taken from 742 Heart-warming Poems compiled by John R. Rice


  • Matty B. Duran
    Matty B. Duran11 months ago

    A poem of hope from such a desperate life. Thank-you for sharing!

  • I too found this a poem of hope. Who cares what the world can do to us. Let is push and pull and tear us apart. They did the same and more to our Savior and He promised us that we would be like him. Just think what being like Him after death really means. He had a body and ate and drank as before but simply appeared in a room that was locked tight and left the same way! We will have the best of both worlds in heaven I believe. But, mostly we will always be able to see and touch the one who provides that life for us. I, like Paul, am torn between two worlds. And, as the hymn says, “This world is not my home. I’m just a passing through.”

    – aprilann