How Much Time Does It Take to Host A Redbubble Group

Another reason some members do not adventure out and host a group on Redbubble is the fear of not having enough time to apply to the job.

If you are in any of my groups you know I may take the most time on Redbubble working on hosting my groups than any other hosts except perhaps the writing groups, i.e., Gideon’s Group.

When you host or co-host a group each “job” can take as little or as much time as you wish. And, the amount of time spent some of those jobs are directly affected by the amount of entries received into the group each day.

I always recommend that you moderate all incoming entries. A time example for moderating would be the group I work in Classic Artistic Still Life which has 226 members and receives approximately 4 entries per day where I spend less than a minute a day moderating the incoming entries. On the other extreme example, the group I work in A Meaningful Moment which has 810 members and receives approximately 20 entries per day where I spend about five minutes a day moderating the incoming entries.

When you divide the moderation work with one or two co-hosts your time is minimal.

The time spent on picking features, giving out banners and announcing featured artists are the same in all of my groups no matter how many members and takes me about 20 minutes a week.

The time spent on setting up a challenge, handing out banners and announcing the winner and Top Ten takes me about 30 minutes a week.

So, the most time you should need to spend on any one group in a week would be 55 minutes which could be divided in half just by having one co-host.

Now that you have a much better idea of how much time it really takes to co-host a group it is time to wade in and enjoy the adventure of hosting in Redbubble.

Look through my groups (many of which I took over to avoid having them be abandoned) and see if you find any that interest you. Let me know if you are interested in becoming a host or co-host in any of them and we’ll get you set up.

Don’t forget, if you are still a little timid because you don’t understand links, etc. there is a wonderful tutorial group on Redbubble that you can take and learn all of the basics. You are under no obligation to be a host just because you take the course. Go to Hosting Tutorial Class Group and sign up now. You can host up to two groups while taking the tutorial class.

Have fun!

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