holding the protesters in the light

I’ve come home to see some horrible videos from the G20 summit. I’m an anarchist, but I prefer to call myself a voluntaryist.

When people trash another person’s private property, it is wrong. Plain and simple. When one of these ‘anarchists’ tosses a brick through the window of a starbucks, they’re attacking the property of someone else. That is wrong.

When people walk down the street, that is NOT wrong. When people take pictures in public, that is NOT wrong. When people shove other people from behind, that is wrong. When people photograph someone shoving another person from behind, that is NOT wrong.

Get it? The crime has to have a victim. Someone taking your picture is not a crime if you’re in public. It’s your responsibility to hide your identity in public. If you’re an officer, one of those guys that says “I’m always on the job” I have a few words for you. . .

“on the job? on the record”

if you’re working, you must understand that there are these things called cameras, and they are there to make sure you stay in line. When I say that, I mean that beating people isn’t appropriate for a professional peace officer.

Did I say peace officer? I didn’t see any of those today. I saw some thugs pushing and prodding people down the street like a rancher moving cattle. Humans are not cattle. Human beings have a right to be on the streets their tax money pays for. They have a right to public property, because something that is owned by everyone is really owned by no one.

The photographer is not trying to hurt you Mr. Officer, he’s trying to keep you in line. You’re not acting like a professional when I see you shove a young lady off of her bicycle and then shove her in the back when she questions you about it. These people are not all tossing bricks through the window of starbucks. You understand this Mr. Officer, because you helped the guy that did it. Yes you know what I’m talking about, you helped your fellow officer tie off his black bandanna over his face.

I know, now you think I’m just a paranoid freak right? Now he thinks that cops are dressing up as anarchists in order to cause trouble. They are. They are and there’s even plenty of videos showing such. When I see with my own two eyes, a man try to cause trouble in a crowd, and then fearfully keeps his mask on when confronted by peaceful protesters, get arrested by the police and dropped off a few blocks down the street. . . talking with the cops like they were old friends. . .that’s called an agent provocateur.

and Mr. Officer, what I’m asking you to do. . is do the right thing or go away. If someone isn’t harming someone else, back off, go get a coffee. . . and if they’re being violent and harming others or stealing from people. . . arrest them.

Just a friendly reminder: photography cameras are not firearms. They can’t put a bullet in you. They are however weapons. They’re weapons that can destroy your career. I know that really sucks because beating people up is a great simple way to get people to do what it is you want them to, but it’s not right, not moral, not principled, very cowardly and very pathetic. If you’re the man (or woman) that you think you are, then you can surely pursuade someone to follow rules that help their fellow man.

You don’t want to be the next Youtube asshole cop? Remember Sargent Rivieri in Baltimore? The cops that shot that man on the subway platform (he was shot in the back while handcuffed and the cops tried to confiscate all the cameras that were documenting it). . . you can be next.

It won’t have to be that way, you can allow these people to go home and about their lives. You can return to your family and see your children without having the blood pumping through you after just got done beating some people into the ground.

If you choose otherwise, you’ll have the cameras there. People around the world will see your absolute stupidity. The people will see you for the thug you are. If you want to be that sort of tool, then so be it. I will be there to snap some pictures of your drug bust, dragging fathers away from their kids. I’ll be there to see you pocket some of the contraband for later. . .when you get to go see your kids.
I wonder if they wore the same t-shirts that they did in Denver for the National Convention. . . . “Denver Police: We get up early to beat the crowds”

real professional guys those ones are too.

I try not to get angry about this stuff. I can’t help but feel bad for those people, the peaceful ones, that are being harmed en masse as we speak. You’re brave and true. You’re held in my light.

holding the protesters in the light


Tilton, United States

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when I watch WW2 movies and see the Gestapo or the SS walking in such formations, I wonder why it is I have to see this in my own country? Does this really happen in free countries??

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