civil disobedience group?

Some of my favorite pictures are ones that not only tell a story but have one behind the taking of it.

So many times I’ve come upon the most beautiful sight. From a gorgeous stretch of land on Plum Island to a neat riverbank in the Great Bay Wildlife Refuge, there are views and pictures to be taken!

But, those places you’re not allowed. Yeah you. Yeah scram citizen you’re not permitted to be here.

Excuse moi? Do signs that say funny words like “prohibited”, “government property” and “forbidden” mean that you can’t pass them? Legally. . .yes. Actually. . . god no.

I don’t condone going onto private property to shoot pictures. Have I done so? Yes. Someone owns that property and they’ve put their sweat into making the money in order to do so. I do what it is I can to avoid stepping onto private property in order to get a picture if the owner has shown that they do not want me there. A “posted” sign means “please don’t come onto my property”. . . it’s a different story when you’re a part owner of that property now, isn’t it?

Most of my pictures are taken from public property, or property that is owned “collectively” by everyone who pays for said item. The most common way that people pay for these is through the tax money taken by the government. I am a man that intends to be free in my life, and I don’t appreciate having money taken from me in a manner that I don’t consent to.

I know what you’re thinking. . . oh great this guy is some crazy anarchist. Not so much. I do believe in rules, but I believe that private people can make rules for themselves. . .after all they do so everyday. There’s no law saying you have to brush your teeth with the bristled side. This is because most people are smart enough to figure out that brushing your teeth with the handle doesn’t work as well. I’m not for “no rules” because I know that people who own private property can make their own rules to govern their property. After all, property is only an extension of your life, since you used your life in order to attain it. To take away someone’s property is to take away their past. To take away their freedom is to take away their present. Finally if you take someone’s life, you take their future away.

I don’t believe in taking these things from anyone.

I also don’t believe that anyone could make a good argument for public property being “private” or having “rules” that govern it. Why? Because, like it or not, I’m a part owner of that. This is what I’ve referred to as the “tragedy of the commons”. The tragedy comes in when a friend and I own the same piece of property, let’s say, an apple. I want to eat the apple, I own it so I have the right to do as I wish with my property. My friend does not want me to eat the apple, he owns it and he has the right to defend his property from being eaten.

So can a group of people make anything really different? If 1000 people get together and say “this area is off limits to all of us except for those who we have deemed government authorities”. . . could it possibly be legitimate if I’m a part owner who says otherwise?

Of course not. It’s in limbo. The difference is that I won’t use a firearm to make other part owners see it my way. They will.

Thus, to stand up and say “no thanks, I’ll do as I please.” makes me excited and proves that I am just. For unjust laws should be broken, and as Henry David Thoreau once said that in those instances that in a world of unjust laws, the only place for a just man is a jail cell.

I’m not looking to go to jail. I’m not looking to get shot by some cop. I’m looking to be free and take pictures on my property and the property of others who allow me (or don’t express a desire for me not to).

So I went to Plum Island refuge over the winter. There’s a beautiful marsh with a service road that has no 3 feet of snow on it because of the wind removing it. The objects I wanted to photograph were past an open walkway with a sign stating that “no trespassing was allowed”

Instead of allowing an unjust law to be until I get around to getting enough mob members to decide to try and repeal it, I did what my inner light told me to do. . . act like a free guy.

I passed that sign, and my blood pressure went up. Oh god I’m breaking the law. A federal law. I walked as far as I could go, taking beautiful pictures the entire time. I decided that instead of walking back on the street with 3 feet of snow, I would instead just return the way I came, the illegal way. I took a picture of the back of the sign to mark my occasion.

I know what you’re saying. What a troublemaker. Was I? Was anyone hurt? Did anyone feel harm from my tender walking and photo taking? Of course not. If I was harming someone, I wouldn’t have done so. Hence the nature of man.

In Great Bay Federal Refuge in Newington, New Hampshire. . there’s another place where some people decided you shouldn’t go. I saw a beautiful riverbed with lots of pretty frogs jumping along the shore. The problem was that between me and that beautiful sight was a big ugly sign that said “FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROPERTY: RETURN TO POINT OF ENTRY IMMEDIATELY OR FACE FATAL CONSEQUENCES”

Fatal? You’re going to kill me because I decided to take some pics in the woods? On land that I partially own?

I took a picture of the back of that sign too. The big scary sign doesn’t look so menacing when you only see metal and a few fasteners.

Nowadays, since everything I’m told changed on 9/11, I’m really not even supposed to take pictures of any government buildings, or at least that’s what they tell me. Cameras don’t kill, but they are the new gun for those who decide to show that government as an entity is immoral and illogical.

So this comes to where I wanted to start a group. I saw a person on my watchlist had taken a photo of an underground garage that sits below a sacred courthouse. She happened to express that she wasn’t supposed to be there. Of course, a crazy guy like me thinks that taking a picture of an underground garage doesn’t really cause much harm. I’d certainly allow and ecourage her to follow the light inside herself pointing her to it. I was thinking what a great idea it might be to start a group that willfully shows that even us silly non-government human beings can decide right from wrong, and we don’t need any authoritarian assholes to decide for me where it is I can take pictures and where I can’t. . . on my own property.

Of course, they could buy my silence by setting me free, allowing me to be a free person who has the principles of non-aggression and allow me to live free without the threat of being put in a cage for not paying the king. Until that happens, I’d like to start a group for pictures of things, anything, that was taken in an illegal manner.

Those illegal pictures equal an act of civil disobedience, since of course you’re admitting to breaking their laws (not yours, theirs) and showing them off to your friends on Redbubble.

If anyone is interested in starting this group with me, let me know!

civil disobedience group?


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My basis for a Civil Disobedience Group

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