Me a hero, I think not.

So there we were my son Martyn and I just got back from looking at cars. A mother Mallard Duck with six or so tiny babies trailing behind her all in a straight line walked passed us. Of course I couldn’t get a shot in as I didn’t have the camera with me or my phone to grab a snap. I followed them as they had to walk across a busy road and I didn’t want anyone dying on my watch. The mother Duck suddenly stop and was in a bit of a flap calling out as were her babies. As I got nearer I saw what was wrong with them, about five or six more babies were down a drain in the road trying franticly to get out but couldn’t. How they got down there was beyond me. They couldn’t have fallen through the bars in the drain so I just didn’t know. At this point I have to mention that my back was playing me up big time, as were my arms and knees, oh, I also have a hernia playing me up. So you get the picture, I am a bit of a weakling these days.

The babies were really stressing by now and I feared for their short lives.

Well where the strength came from I don’t know but I grabbed hold of the heavy iron drain and yanked it open. The smell coming from the drain was awful; the water was black like oil had been poured down there and there were all sorts of things bobbing about on the surface which I won’t mention in case you are having your dinner. I drove my hand into the horrid water and scooped up the little chicks one by one and they went waddling off to join the rest of their family. For a second I thought the mother duck might waddle over to me and kiss my face, did she F**k, she turned her back and carried on with her journey to get to the canal nearby.

But you know, no thanks were needed even if she could speak, if we all help one another when in need the world would be a much better place. But how will that happen when most of us go about blinkered to what’s around us, hell we don’t even make eye contact any more in case someone takes it the wrong way.

Something to ponder over eh?

Oh, and me a hero, I think not just helping out where I could x


  • Larry Lingard-Davis
    Larry Lingard-...over 1 year ago

    You’re my hero Tony….!!!!! You’re a STAR.
    I wouldn’t have expected anything less from someone like you.

  • LOL thanks Larry all in a days work eh?

    – Anthony Hedger Photography

  • Thea 65
    Thea 65over 1 year ago

    Great story, Tony! You are the hero of the ducks! :-)
    And how is your back… and your arms, and your knees….?

  • Thank you so much for your comment Thea.

    Back, arms and knees are still painful but thanks for asking, just on going problems eh? x

    – Anthony Hedger Photography

  • Carrie Jackson
    Carrie Jacksonover 1 year ago

    That Mama duck will tell stories to her little ones of a strange being, imbued with superhuman strength that saved her babies..from some serious s*&%, LOL…I just know it! Aaww…well you’re my hero Anthony! ;) Very kind and observant of you. Here, here I agree…more of us could use to take a lesson from this. Be observant and give when and how you can. Make the world around you a better place by your being in it. Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you Carrie. So what do you mean by A STRANGE BEING eh? LOL
    I might have one eye higher than the other one,
    I might have a very high forehead,
    I might stutter,
    I might have short arms,
    I might have big ears and no I am not Noddy,
    I might indeed have six fingers on each hand and feet but I ain’t frigging strange. LOL
    I love your comments because you don’t bulls**t any one.
    You tell it as you see it and that means a lot in my book. Well there’s no book but you know what I mean?
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words
    Tony x

    – Anthony Hedger Photography

  • Carrie Jackson
    Carrie Jacksonover 1 year ago

    LOLlol! Good one Tony! Sooo that’s how you type so fast?!…it’s those extra digits! :D I’m in your book? Yes! I knew it! You’re in my book too! The one I will write one day….haha.
    All in fun my friend, you are welcome and my pleasure.

  • LOL xxx hugs

    – Anthony Hedger Photography