Touch me with your sensual fingers
through the layers of blue pleasure.

Look at me with your sensitive eyes
that know the murmurs of my soul.

Travel with me through the odyssey of delight
through the mountains and valleys to mysteries cave.

Taste me with those surrendering lips
the heat of my trembling body so near to you.

Hold me through the fields of delicate daisies
as we discover new meanings of mystery.

Dance with me in misty fields of red poppies
that sweeps us off our inner calm.

Feel the exhilaration of my desire as we skip
through all masks of social propriety to our essence.

Take me with you to your abundant dreams where
your wild imagination knows no limits.

Undress me in the rain as it wets our dancing skin
and we erupt in the passion of moist abandon.

Surrender with me to the rapture of erotic passion
that releases the wild woman in me, the wild man in you.

Tango with me as we banter and play our creative fiddle
of our intellectual and emotional chemistry.

Serenade me with your song so sweet
that only your lips can sing, my enchanted love.

Embrace me to your chest so that I can listen
and breathe the power of your beating heart.

Breathe me so I can know the ecstasy of
a connection that moves from skin to core.

Engage me with that part of your heart
that is hidden and deeply etched.

Let go with me so we can know the depths
and play of two inner children who know spontaneity.

See me with new eyes through layers of blue
passion to the silent still voice.

Ride with me on white stallions into the crashing waves
of life’s adventure to the depths of ocean’s truth.

Trust me with the vulnerability of your soul
so together we can heal our wounds.

Respect me with your beautiful mind
because I honour and respect you with all that I am.

Release with me the damages of the past to
pave way for the alchemy of the future.

Contain me with your love that is bold
and made of the fabric of courage.

Fantasize me, cherish me because sensuality starts
at the skin, travels through our veins to the heart.

Ah sensuality – a touch, a taste, a sight
a sensorial journey of absolute delight
that starts with first touch, first thought
with a heart that overflows and is caught.

Sensuality is the perfect partner of love
and together there is power and there is passion.


© Anthea Slade 2010

Currently unavailable for purchase

Sensuality featured in Feminine Intent 8 November 2010

Sensuality featured in Freedom in Words and Art 8 November 2010

Sensuality featured in The Passion of Couples Group 5 November 2010

Sensuality (Painting) and Sensuality (Poem) is the 22nd upload in our 22/22 (paintings/drawings/poems) Collaboration Sensitivity & Sensuality.

It is a great pleasure and joy for to Collaborate with Reynaldo, a beautiful man who is a magnificent artist, highly gifted painter and storyteller. This is our third major collaboration Sensitivity & Sensuality.

Painting: Reynaldo
Poem: Anthea Slade

Poem written on the 1 November 2010

Sensuality by Reynaldo


anthea slade, reynaldo, poem, painting sensuality 22nd upload, sensuality and sensitivity series, collaboration

Creating art and writing is like breathing to me, it keeps me alive. If I stop creating my world shrinks and contracts. When I start to create again it expands and is filled with colour. I feel whole. To create is to be completely, unabashedly alive.

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  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeover 3 years ago

    Sensuality by Reynaldo

  • Reynaldo
    Reynaldoover 3 years ago

    This one is my favorite of my favorites lol does thatb make sense? well love your words…so powerful and sweet at the same time wow…wish I could write like that…such talent dear Anthea…you are… I enjoyed very much our 3rd collaboration, dear xxx

  • Oh Rey…wow that is such a beautiful compliment and I feel so deeply honoured that Sensuality is the favourite of your favourites. It makes perfect sense. Your beautiful words warm my heart and it has been such a heart pleasure and joy to work with you to create the Sensitivity and Sensuality Series. Your beautiful painting Sensuality inspired my poem. Have a beautiful weekend dear Rey and thank you so much for your words always. xxx

    – Anthea Slade

  • Jaffabuster
    Jaffabusterover 3 years ago


    That one word that implies that which seems to have been left out on purpose: the spiritual connection between people expressing their own and revelling in each others’ sensuality and love. Perhaps because that aspect can’t be shown, it must be felt, or perhaps because its fundamental to it all and the people who know that, feel it without having to be told.

    Very artfully framed. Beautifully written.

  • Amen.

    Yes Ken you have identified with such insight and grace the spirituality that connects two people together in love and sensuality and that is what my Amen was about. I also agree that spirituality must be felt and cannot be seen. Your comments are always so thoughtful and insightful and a pure joy to read my friend Ken. Thank you.

    – Anthea Slade

  • Renate  Dartois
    Renate Dartoisover 3 years ago

    Oh my dear Anthea one should not read that without a man around this is so sensual and each word so mesmerizing awesome creation again.

  • :) Dear Renate thank you so much for this exquisite comment and making me smile. I am glad you could feel the sensuality in my words. Your comments are always so wonderful and I love receiving them my lovely friend.

    – Anthea Slade

  • biddumy
    biddumyover 3 years ago
    Succumb to desire written with passion and the art complements the words, well done!!!
  • biddumy thank you so much for this beautiful response to my poem Sensuality. Your words are deeply appreciated.

    – Anthea Slade

  • eoconnor
    eoconnorover 3 years ago

    You have painted a word picture of passion and sensitivity that touches deeply the heart and mind my friend !LIz))

  • Liz thank you so much, so glad you can feel the passion and the sensitivity that runs deep. Your comments are always beautiful my friend Liz.

    – Anthea Slade

  • madvlad
    madvladover 3 years ago

    some times words are more leading up to a flash of body explosion and this is one of the words streams that youd float away with you and your lover wow this is steaming hot

  • Walt thank you for this so beautiful response to my poem Sensuality. Your words are perfect in describing my poem. Have a wonderful weekend Walt.

    – Anthea Slade

  • Teacup
    Teacupover 3 years ago

    excellent collaboration…

  • Teacup thank you for featuring Sensuality in The Passion of Couples Group. Rey and I both appreciate this fine feature.

    – Anthea Slade

  • Reynaldo
    Reynaldoover 3 years ago

    congratulation dear Anthea on the Feature so well deserve this has got to be one of your best works sweet xxx

  • Wow thank you dear Rey for this beautiful compliment on my Sensuality Poem. Your beautiful beautiful painting inspired my poem. Congratulations to you too dear Rey. Have a lovely day. xxx

    – Anthea Slade

  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeover 3 years ago

    Karen Sue thank you very much for the favourite of my poem Sensuality.

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