No is No

No is not yes
No is not sort of
No is not kind of
No is not maybe…

No to mind games that devastate sensitive brains
No to power that intimidates tender hearts
No to subtext that does not equate real text
No to premediatated cruelty that attacks self esteem
No to dishonesty that disturbs pure minds
No to manipulation that hurts our souls
No to love bombing, where abundant love shifts to deprivation
No to pushing through boundaries that are never meant to be broken
No to sadistic enjoyment of others misfortune
No to words that will never be action
No to betrayal that leads to deep wounds
No to abandonment where ones security is erased
No to rejection that should never be an option
No to lies that deceive and torment us
No to lack of decency and honour
No to black and white thinking that limits our minds
No to judgemental attitudes that bleed our imagination dry
No to undermining sentences that crack our confidence
No to praying on the innocent
No to sexualising children
No to disrespecting our aged
No to exploiting our vulnerable
No to snobbery that alientates and divides

No is not a joke
No is not a laugh
No is not to be taken lightly
No is not an invitation
No is not a temptation
No is not a seduction
No is not a revelation
No is not a suggestion

No is an answer
No is to be respected
No is a protection
No is given for a reason
No is fullstop.
No is The End.
No to Date Rape.
No is No.
That is all.

By Anthea Slade

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No is No featured in Inspired By Life 9-11-09
No is No featured in Anger Management 27-10-09
No is No featured in Lifeline 23-10-09
No is No was written 21-10-09

No is No was inspired by Reynaldo’s powerful painting No to Date Rape and is part of our Tribute to Womanhood Series. This is our 19th upload of our 40 Painting/Drawing/Poem Tribute to Womanhood Series.


anthea, reynaldo, tribute to womanhood, mini series, no to date rape, no is no

Creating art and writing is like breathing to me, it keeps me alive. If I stop creating my world shrinks and contracts. When I start to create again it expands and is filled with colour. I feel whole. To create is to be completely, unabashedly alive.

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  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeover 4 years ago

    No to Date Rape by Reynaldo

  • S .
    S .over 4 years ago

    beautiful work and words
    you guys make amazing art individually and together

  • Oh thank you so much Shoaib my friend for your wonderful comment. I am sure that Rey thanks you too.

    – Anthea Slade

  • izzybeth
    izzybethover 4 years ago

    Beautiful, beautiful.

  • Thank you, thank you my dear friend izzybeth.

    – Anthea Slade

  • GittiArt
    GittiArtover 4 years ago

    Both of you are fantastic! I’m becoming a hige fan !!!:-)
    What a priceless epression ….bravo dear Anthea…hugs:-)

  • Dearest Brigitte thank you for your beautiful support of our collaboration. I am a huge fan of you and your gorgeous talent my lovely friend. Your comments always make me feel so warm inside.

    – Anthea Slade

  • Reynaldo
    Reynaldoover 4 years ago

    Anthea Your poem is awesome and more powerful then my painting but It sure does give my painting real meaning as I oringinaly started it as an illustrastion that was not strong enough for the brutality of the message we (this collaboration ) is trying to get across. As is the final painting, but your words put teeth on my work and for that I am so grateful my dear and beautiful partner Anthea. thank you xxx

  • Wow Rey what a beautiful comment and thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement and appreciation. Your amazing powerful and gritty painting inspired my words. I am thrilled and honoured that you feel my words give teeth to your painting my dear friend and collaborator. Thank you so

    – Anthea Slade

  • Yvonne Churchley
    Yvonne Churchleyover 4 years ago

    Well said and great image they compliment each other very well :))

  • Thank you so much my fellow gemini for your wonderful comment and so happy th you feel that words and image compliment each other.

    – Anthea Slade

  • RaOrEmraeh
    RaOrEmraehover 4 years ago

    Your voice comes through loud and clear. Excellent.

  • Thank you so much Cassidy. So glad you feel that my voice comes in my poem no is no.

    – Anthea Slade

  • Druidstorm
    Druidstormover 4 years ago

    Are you sure? Classic wordcraft friend! Amazing read!!!…)o(

  • Yes I am sure. Thank you so much Druidstorm for your wonderful response and for reading my poem No is No.

    – Anthea Slade

  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockover 4 years ago

    This is power in words..can see this one performed.

  • Trenchtownrock thank you reading No is No and your wonderful suggestion. I have read it out loud a few times and it does seem right to be read outloud.

    – Anthea Slade

  • Del Millar
    Del Millarover 4 years ago

    I have a deep respect for you and for your work, Anthea,
    and I congratulate you.
    As Rey says, your words have teeth.
    You and Rey together are dynamite ox ox

  • Dear Del thank you for your beautiful comment. I have great respect for you and your work too my friend. I truly appreciate your support of Rey and my collaboration and that you think that we are dynamite when we collaborate.xx

    – Anthea Slade

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