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About my exhibition in Lithuania 2007/2008


The woks exhibited represent the linkup of two artists, a photographer and a sculptor. Such an attempt to blend two spheres of art is really innovative and a bit unexpected. There had been few who were successful in such an attempt. Both authors, blending their art by the means of the photo art, are the winners. Sculpture, as such, is rather a static art, sometimes “performing” in a specific, sometimes artificial, environment. However, the means of the plastic photography, seemingly, make the sculptures movable, dynamic; they make you feel the sculptures are moving. They become alive, start moving and react both to the environment and the views captured by the photographer. I would like the viewers also note the colour solutions of the photos, aimed at the strengthening of the overall impression of the imagery. The original blend and overlapping of two arts let see the impressive plastic metaphors, giving birth to various associations.


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