I am Sydney based and enjoy all things creative.

I was a Finished Artist in the 70s and moved on to computer graphics in the 80s. With such user-friendly equipment most people ended up being able to do my kind of work, so I diversified to paper sculpture (self taught) and also took an interest in calligraphy at the same time.

Today I still do computer graphic work (for print) as well as desktop publishing (design and typesetting for books).

Photography is something I have also enjoyed and after years of non-involvement am slowly getting back into it with the encouragement of George Petrovsky and Rosalie Dale and George’s bequeathed Nikon D70.

The above said camera has now been passed on to my wife and I’ve acquired a Nikon D3100.

I hope you enjoy what I have on display here on RedBubble and on my website

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Your mother will be proud

Thank you all those that voted for: / and got me in the top 10 of Closeups in Nature. Such a clever little monkey, your mother will be proud and all those that made rude comments about you on Facebook will no doubt come forward and apologise.
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A thought washed over me.

Walking along Narrabeen Beach the other day with some rather nice dramatic waves breaking I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to do a panorama of this.’ But as one well knows waves don’t stop and pose for you. / So the idea occurred to me (this could be accomplished by someone with an excess of cameras and tripods or a group project) — what if you line up a number of cameras on tripods (there would ha…
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Barely got to room temperature

I put it on RB this morning and before it had time to get to room temperature someone bought a postcard of ‘Clifton Gardens row boat’. Thank you!
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Sold my favourite place

My first sale! / Thank you to the perspicacious buyer of the T-shirt ‘My favourite place is a tome.’ / Could this be the snowflake that started an avalanche?
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