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Invitation to Exhibition-Red Lion Square Stamford

Anselmo Pelembe joins artists from Stamford where he will be showing some of his work. / 20th June 10am-4pm / To add the atmosphere, there will be a jazz quartet.
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Saint children’s story published. / A new children’s story entitled Mary the Masked Booby has recently been published. The story is about the return of the Masked Booby birds to the main island of Ascension. It is written by Tara Pelembe and the photographs are by Anselmo Pelembe. / “We are very aware that there are few children’s stories about St. Helena and Ascension” said Tara “and we wanted …
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Britain's hidden secret

Britain’s hidden secret / When you can see a tiny piece of land on the horizon after days at sea on the RMS St. Helena, you wonder what will be there. What will this land look like, so small in the middle of the huge Atlantic ocean. Who lives there? What will the people look like? Why do they live there? I had left Cape Town for this island that I knew little about. I took my biscuits because m…
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There is an place where nature hasn’t yet learned to be scared of humans. Where the innocent chicks of the spectacular Masked Boobies study you inquisitively when you attempt to photograph them. Where, in the light of day, the last nesting female green turtle returns to the sea, paying no attention to the human who watches her, over-awed by the experience. . / And then there are the hills that ha…
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