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Brian Puhl IPA

A Little Town on Cape Cod, in The, United States

Native of Oregon, misplaced somewhere in California. Love flying and love photography.

Oh boy did I fall for it....

I bought the D80 vice the D200 awhile back noticing its pretty much the same camera…. same sensor, engine all the goodies right? In the art of saving money I wanted to use older AIS lenses on it, oh boy, I didn’t realize that AE got thrown out the window on this one. There is no TTL metering for MF lenses on the D80, not even stopped-down. I guess I could live with this, but its really gonna be a PITA. Time to break out the Sunny-16 I guess. D’oh

On top of that, I’m already hearing nightmares about the vertical grip, but I guess the D200 shares those. Bah, still should have spent the extra money.

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