About Me...

Well, I’ve finally migrated from the world of deviantArt. A good friend named John recommended this site and finally after working out a kink or two, I’ve settled in at RedBubble! I already see many great artists and photographers and I hope for the best here! This will be my first experience selling my work as well. I’ve been hesitant for a very long time, I only want the best printing quality. I’ve been told RedBubble is exceptional at printing.

So a little about me… I originally grew up in Astoria, Oregon, part of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I joined the Coast Guard a few years back and have sailed past the equator and back, traveled across the country 4 times, and met my beautiful wife back where it all started.

My photography… well all I can say is its hard to find me without my camera usually.

My equipment includes:

Nikon D80
18-135m kit lens w/ lens hood
1 GB ATP 133x and Lexar 4GB SDHC 133x
Opteka Vert-grip

Kodak Z7590 w/ linear polarizer

Canon AE-1
Speedlite 133
28-85mm f/2.8
50mm f/1.4 ssc (love this lens!)
70-150 f/3.8
2x tele

Minolta SRT-201
50mm f/1.7 rokkor
135mm f/2.8 w/macro
70-150 f/3.8

Cokin P series filter holder for 55mm and 67mm lenses
Cokin GND 121M

Davis and Sanford Magnum XT Tripod w/ Stroboframe head

My equipment list is always growing, but this is current as of now.

I look forward to meeting new photographers and seeing great works from everyone! I can already see this site is something special, seeing as before I have even finished this journal, I was featured on the main page! Good luck to everyone and I hope the best!!!

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