I’m a photographer based in Greystones, Co Wicklow, Ireland. As well as photography I have always loved living by the sea. My work is a great mixture really and I try to grasp life in every which way I can. I particularly like capturing people and life which is what I do in my day to day business. You can check out some of that work if you wish here

I have also recently started working with my imagery in photoshop and some of that work is here if you’re interested. This site is only in progress so I don’t have too much up there yet.

  • Joined: January 2008


Again and Again

I just wanted to say, this is one great site. When my cousin told me about it I wasn’t sure if I should join but I must say the work on this site is stunning and inspirational, it keeps me coming back again and again. I am enjoying every moment of it.
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