A.M. Ruttle

A.M. Ruttle

Jackson Hole, United States

Wildlife Babies Galore! (Star Tribute to A.M. Ruttle)

We humans must be pre-wired to respond to all babies, whether it’s an elk calf or a human baby. So when Amazing Wildlife’s Karen Moore recently surprised me with the Star Tribute to A.M. Ruttle, I was delighted (of course!) and immediately thought of showcasing some of the wildlife babies that are debuting in/around Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, this time of year. For a quick blast of these charismatic youngsters, click on the Star Tribute to A.M. Ruttle. And for more wild fun, check out the Special Tributes to these eight other wildlife photographers.

Thank you, to everyone at Amazing Wildlife, for creating this gallery to highlight noteworthy wildlife photography… and to all of you who come by to visit! Take some time this year to pause when you are somewhere in nature, and listen for birds, smell the fresh air, dip your toes in an icy mountain stream, notice little details, marvel at a doe and her fawn. Challenge yourself to breathe deeply, and savor the gift of the wild.

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