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Lock me in

When the new day
breaks, cloaked
in shades of muted silver
clouds loom heavy, dark
fierce storms rise, smoky
somber on distant horizons
will there still be safety
in your shelter -
a place for me?

When lightning strikes
slicing in furious, bitter anger
catapulting flashes, twists of fire
thunder roaring, rumbling
like deafening distant drums
will you still offer
the protective shell
once reserved as
a haven for me?

When the demons of evil
jealousy, greed and faceless fear
advance, a tangible threat
eager to devour the flesh
from my weary bones
drain the lifeblood
from my fragile veins
will you still remain
my tempered armor?

When the world grows
bleak, cold, desolate, grim
pillaged by pirated invasion
souls polluted, poisoned
belongings battered, burnt
our temple denied, desecrated
will my heart still be
locked up, treasured
eternally safe within yours?


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Ever noticed how some promises and commitments seem to be nothing but empty words?

(PS: …merely a personal ponder…)
Image borrowed from Just G ’s collection – Thank you, G!

Love Bytes – Nov 2010

“You Promised Me”


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  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestalmost 4 years ago

    I have read this and I am wondering if there a types of promises ….
    promises that will be broken ( the nature of the promise leans towards this )
    promises that will be forgotten…. ( yes it breaks it by default but why do we forget ??)
    promises that can never be …should never have been given… maybe?
    promise that are sealed with a realistic view….
    I have broken promises.. and don’t feel good about it at all. I try and look at why I break them though… I guess there is hopefulness in that me thinks..
    Your prose is deeply moving Anni…xx

  • Yep, there certainly seems to be a vast (and growing) grey area here… I always try NOT to make promises when I know I have no intention of keeping them…naively expecting others to do the same…silly, silly little me! :-)

    – AnniG

  • Farfarm
    Farfarmalmost 4 years ago

    Awwww….who could deny you promises….Your Life itself is your biggest; and oohhh….what a wonderful comment by Arcadia !

  • Ohhh…you’d be surprised…I am very much a sucker for fantastic promises!! ;-) LOL…
    (and yes, KS (Arcadia T) always have wonderful insights and wisdoms to offer…gotta love that!)

    – AnniG

  • LisaMM
    LisaMMalmost 4 years ago

    Anni…what a magnificent piece of writing. A very powerful, personal ponder indeed. I love the ferocity of the images your words conjure in my mind, the intensity in which your emotions run deep and true….a promise is a promise is a promise…..keep smiling my lovely, big hearted pink faced friend….from your green haired friend…:-) xxx

  • My fierce and intense emotions sometimes gets the better of me (unfortunately)…and the product is this!! Thanks so much for your great comment, GHF – I always appreciate your generous, detailed feedback!
    ;-) xxx

    – AnniG

  • LoveWitness
    LoveWitnessalmost 4 years ago

    powerful and scary and therefore brave questions to ask especially when you just want to believe you are safe and will be loved forever even if you know it is a lie just for that moment…. or that while… a great write dear Anni!

  • So often we really want to, need to, believe…you’re right…do I really want to hear the answers to my questions?…probably not!
    Thanks for your super comment, Siki!

    – AnniG

  • SimplyRed
    SimplyRedalmost 4 years ago

    what a lovely “ponder” it is ..and yes we try not break promises but alas we are only human…xx

  • Thank you!

    – AnniG

  • Jenifer DeBellis
    Jenifer DeBellisalmost 4 years ago

    “…will there still be safety
    in your shelter -
    a place for me?”
    Great meditation, Anni. Seems the cries of our hearts are aligned. Where is the commitment in the promise of relationship/friendship these days? I need to believe in bonds that transcend.

  • My thoughts, exactly Jen! We tend to put so much of ourselves into relationships/friendships, believing in the promise of that bond…I too, “need to believe in bonds that transcend”!
    I really appreciate your wonderful comment, thanks, Jenifer! xx

    – AnniG

  • markhadafairday
    markhadafairdayalmost 4 years ago

    there is always shelter from any storm that comes your way here! xxx:)))
    once again your words flow so wonderfully as water quietly trickles down the stream of poetry

  • Thank you for offering such kind words (and shelter, of course!) my Fairday in the storm!!
    :-) xx

    – AnniG

  • markhadafairday
    markhadafairdayalmost 4 years ago

    anad I wish you more then a Fair day

  • You’re such a sweetie, Mark…making me smile!

    – AnniG

  • Guy Hoffman (aka creative365)
    Guy Hoffman (a...almost 4 years ago

    Oh boy! I could have hours of conversation on this one. The “protective” instincts, the promises that can’t be kept. I think it was John Denver who said “How sweet it is to love someone, how right it is to care!”

  • Oh boy!…the “protective instinct” goes hand-in-hand with the promise of love, doesn’t it?..Once that promise fades, the protective instinct towards that person dies with it…or not? I do agree with John Denver…love sure is sweet while it lasts…and it IS right to care…even if the promise of love is no longer there!

    – AnniG

  • Guy Hoffman (aka creative365)
    Guy Hoffman (a...almost 4 years ago

    Beautiful writing!

  • Thanks so much Guy!!

    – AnniG

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