I just called ...

“Hello darling,
look, I know you’re busy
with breakfast, coffee
the morning paper, but
just a quick question…
could you tell me please
why our distance seems to grow?
have we lost our touch?
what is happening here?
you are close enough to hold
yet so very distant, still

It seems we simply don’t
really converse anymore
I miss you dearly, need to hear
your comforting, friendly voice
no, you don’t have to
look me in the eye
I just called
to hear the words
just say the words I want
to hear and I will reply:
I do too… goodbye…"


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Pink Panther Magazine – 8 Sept 2010

Recently Michel (Farfarm ) put me to the challenge of adding words to some of his images.

Michel has a very distinctive photographic style and his brilliant capture of interesting, thought-provoking and sometimes, slightly “off-beat” street scenes certainly feeds the imagination. Each image tells a unique tale for us to ponder and interpret as we see or feel it.

I was quite inspired by this one, which really hit home. This is my take on a capture depicting a “sign-of-our-times” craziness that seems to steadily infiltrate our everyday, busy lives…

I say: let’s make more quality time for those we love!


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  • acquaridan
    acquaridanabout 4 years ago

    Ohh love it Anni..fits so perfectly for this pic!!! (As long as they are actually speaking to each other on those phones ;);) ..LOL..another sign of the times!!))

  • Sure sign of our times…calling one another to talk briefly when you never bother to make “time” for real, live conversations… Glad you liked this! (and yes…the pic says it all, really!)

    – AnniG

  • Farfarm
    Farfarmabout 4 years ago

    Ha! Such very imaginative writing to this modern scene in our every day life ! It is defenitely in the eye of the beholder how we look at it :) Lovely point of your point of view and superb writing my friend ! :) x

  • Thanks, Michel! I am very glad that you are pleased with the outcome…some images “talk” to me, delivering very specific messages…this was IT for this one! (and it hits home, which makes it easier to feel the vibe!) Kinda sad, really, but so true to life!

    – AnniG

  • sandra .
    sandra .about 4 years ago

    Love this Anni…‘voice’ re assurance can be so warming, you have that right!
    A great choice of image (liking those bistro chairs )
    Kisses gorgeous
    sandra x

  • Yes…sometimes all we need is to hear that voice!
    Brilliant pic…says sooo much! And YOU are sooo sharp for picking up on the heart shaped backs of those bistro chairs… Bravo, Sherlock Sandra!

    – AnniG

  • Prasad
    Prasadabout 4 years ago

    A true expression of todays life, Anni. And how beautifully you have presented – both in words & pic. Good sign is at least there is a time to talk & not forwarding a mail [ Hope your writing will not be used for the same purpose :)]

  • Hi Prasad..so nice to see you again…I am glad you liked this write!
    I hope always to make the time to talk to the ones I love. Sometimes it is difficult to talk and e-mail has to suffice, which is still better than nothing at all, but surely nothing beats “live” conversation time…it’s the soothing assurance that the other person is paying attention to you, here and now. I love talking (as you may have gathered!!) and live is always option number 1!! xx

    – AnniG

  • shootback
    shootbackabout 4 years ago

    Creatively tasty writing!

  • Thanks a lot, Shootback!

    – AnniG

  • tim norman
    tim normanabout 4 years ago

    have thought the same for while Annie

  • :-)

    – AnniG

  • markFairaday
    markFairadayabout 4 years ago

    I really like this. love is tuff when it grows apart. well done.

  • It’s very sad when life becomes so busy that there’s no longer time for “love” or a ‘personal touch’…
    Glad you liked it, Mark!

    – AnniG

  • rodeorose
    rodeoroseabout 4 years ago

    Perfect collaboration- really have enjoyed this style of writing and shot tonight!! GREAT work both of you!!

  • Thank you for the generous compliments, Rosie! I really appreciate you stopping by!

    – AnniG

  • LisaMM
    LisaMMabout 4 years ago

    Wonderful collaboration, your words fit perfectly to this image, it is a sad reflection really of our “modern” times, having a coffee together but too busy to actually talk to each other. Beautifully written Anni.

  • Yep.. heartbreaking really… we always tend to think: “that’ll never happen to us”- until it does, until it becomes your own sad reality too.
    So glad you enjoyed this collab, Lisa! ;-)

    – AnniG

  • tim norman
    tim normanabout 4 years ago

    reminds me of going out with a mate for dinner…and the 3rd person the " blackberry" "contiunuously being fiddled.. major social issue! great collab..rushed earier x

  • I think phones / ipods / blackberry’s should be banned from dates / dinners / all social occasions – they soooo ruin the mood, me thinks!!
    Thanks for your thoughts here, Tim

    – AnniG

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