Imagine As day gives way to night / I sometimes imagine / what it would feel like / to secretly meet you / under a miracle moon Coded message When the first drops came / - an erratic morse code / dripping, tapping messages / on the canopy overhead / I imagine your words / catchin… I just called … Hello darling, / look, I know you’re busy / with breakfast, coffee / the morning paper, but / just a quick question.. Lock me in When the new day / breaks, cloaked / in shades of muted silver / clouds loom heavy, dark / fierce storms rise, smoky / somber on distant … Enchanted kisses Kiss me teasingly, tell me / earnestly / the reason why / you would bring me / to this enchanted paradise Will you come to me If I were to call out / from the edge of the / glowing horizon at sunset / would you follow your heart / leave your treasures behind / and… Reflecting Reverence Lavish upon me, / through shades of copper / your stature, sheer strength / Bestow upon me / your words of glory, grace Our garden Come here, my love / lie down with me / molding your body / so closely into mine Waiting for release I am nothing / to look at / or even consider / for I am just / the simplest / of humble vessels / unadorned by / fancy fake trimmings / per… Yin Yang wilderness This is our untamed wilderness / the yin-yang of our landscape / our day sighs while evening creeps / sunny warmth turns dark and cold The Love Light Take me / tenderly / by the hand / and deliver me / to the edge A beautiful dream, once more Drinking in the morning sun… / …What made me behave that way… / …using words I never say Mystery in the midst Do you hear the / sinister snorting / from steamy nostrils / of steadily approaching / beasts Speak to me, please! In the stifling darkness / of my angry moment / while heavy clouds / threatened to envelop me / I raised my voice and / called out loud &…