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Lessons Learned

…..When shooting rainbows whilst standing on a picnic table, never forget where you are and keep walking.

…..When using wide angles at widest aperture, waves and cliff edges are a lot closer than you think. Oh, and so are trees.

…..When fighting with your tripod, do not hold the shutter release cable between your teeth, it doesn’t work in two pieces.

…..A remote shutter is not a bad option, as long as you remember to remove it from your pocket before laundry day.

….If you need to lie down for a shot, look first, especially if it’s a place enjoyed by dogs, waterbirds or cattle.

…When examining scenes for potential composition, lighting and angle never forget you are driving a car

…There is no longer such a thing as a short walk with camera in hand

…Camera gear must also include a change of clothes and several pairs of shoes

…Television becomes a pastime about composition, diagonals, colour and not a programme with a storyline you follow.

…You think of diet and sleep in terms of how sharp your eyes can focus.

… Fashion is no longer on the agenda, rather how many pockets there are, plus wind and water proofing.

…Whilst talking to others they begin to think you have developed an affliction as you repeatedly watch the sky above

- look carefully at wire fences before climbing through, the zaps don’t tickle, and try and remember that you got zapped when you climb back through – the second zap is worse than the first

- at some point each week you should make a habit and look around your house to see what jobs need doing; doing them can still be a problem though.

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