I've been busy with birds...

Yes, I am into painting birds at the mo. This last week I have been working on quite a large canvas painting oystercatchers. Last month we went for a drive to Aramoana and there were some on the beach. They are quite striking and thought they would be great to try.

A mother duck and her rather large 7 ducklings have now taken to blocking my frontdoor and nesting on my frontdoor mat. Makes exiting and entering rather difficult.

Early next month I have my first solo exhibition, so am trying to get 16 new paintings together for it. It will run from 3 December until 7 January 2008 in the Copper Kettle tearooms of H & J Smith Department store in Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand. I am donating 10% of any sales to CCS Disability Action Southern.
I’m breaking new ground here. I have not had a solo exhibition before. Just hope there are a few sales.

I wonder if many of your other artist listen to much music when you paint? Just being nosey here…what do you listen to? I sometimes have the BBC Radio4 on my pc…and downstream radio plays…current favourites music wise are: Over the Rhine (Drunkard’s Path), Hem (Rabbit Songs), Pink Martini (Hang on Little Tomato), and a band called Nouvelle Vague…worth checking out.
Well it has been the first warm, sunny day for weeks down here in Dunedin…so I haven’t completely given up on having a summer.
Now back to my weekend ~ Cheers Anni

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