My first week on RedBubble Sept 14 - 21 2007

Never blogged or journaled online before so here goes…
In this little corner of the world on the eastern coast…of the South Island of New Zealand spring has finally sprung after a long and cold winter. The little cottage garden outside is waking up after its long hibernation and exploding with blossom and colour. The old plum tree looks like a canopy of white confetti and loud pink blousy blooms of camellias are now smoothering themselves over the 12 foot high bushes/trees.
On Monday the first ducklings of the season appeared in the garden…mother duck proudly showing me she had 11 fluffy followers. These numbers have already started to drop sadly, as neighbourhood cats, mine included are very attracted to them. I did successfully retrieve one from the jaws of my tabby Sam…and even managed after some searching to reunite it with a distraught mum.
Tulips, bluebells and daffodils pop up here and there and the sun has been shining this week a little more than normal.
I’ve been raising seeds assorted herbs and tomatoes on the indoor window is still too risky to put anything outside, as the fear of frosts is not over.
I completed two small paintings this week. It was an experiment in using a limited palette. Both paintings were of feet…ballet dancers feet. The colours I used were Titanium white and Raw Umber…quite surprising how just two colours can create so many tones.
I sold 6 paintings over the last 6 weeks…at two large annual exhibitions, one in Auckland and the other in Wellington. I sometimes wonder where mypaintings end up..the kind of homes they go to. Imagine if you could tag them to find out!
I have really enjoyed my first week on RedBubble, found lots of supportive, creative people out there and look forward to seeing and sharing my work with you all.
There is a cloud of waxeyes outside my window as I type this, greenfinches/goldfinches busily eating seed from the feeders in the garden…and this morning I was woken up my the a very impressive song from a grey warbler…so happy spring is here. Enjoy your week.

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