The photos of Annemie Hiele show what is mostly passed by unseen. She just offers the spectator what is caught by the lens, without adding layers or playing other tricks. This is sometimes hard to believe. We as spectators find here a treasure of hidden beauty, a beauty that manifests for those who dare to see with a beginner’s mind.

Annemie loves what she sees, and the wish to share drives her. What she hopes to pass on, is mindful-presence-in-seeing through pictures of accidental splatters, spontaneous manifesting reflections, adventurous landscapes of textures. We are not used to what she sees. We discover a world of beauty and learn by way of her eyes to appreciate the hitherto unseen.

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First Book !!!

hi all, / I recently published my first book ‘On my way’ @ blurb / For preview of the Book please copy paste (sorry I don`t know how to get the link working) / / Hope you like it? / Annemie Hiele
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Third Sale!

Thank you very much eedra for buying my framed poppies !
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My second redbubble sale!!!

Thank you to the mystery buyer that bought: / I really appreciate it! / Annemie
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My first redbubble sale!!!

Thank you <a href="">eedra</a> for the confidence in and support of my work to the point of purchasing it – I really appreciate it!
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