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One day
You walk the dog
On the beach with steel works
On the horizon approaching
Droplets of rain on your face
Shards of lifeforms’ shells under your feet
The sky is gray
Waves keep their rhythm going ……

Who was it?
Who told you first
That Myths of Love were trivial
That whirling around the Sacred Fire is bad ?

Where did you first hear
That Wild needs to be tamed
And its Power chained into endless meaningless Arbeit ?

How did you first forget
What is it like to feel the caress of a Dream on your eyelids
The Dream which brings the vision to the Heart ?

Why did you spent yourself
To outsmart one Fear in order to get into another ?

When did the life disappear from your life ?

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.. long ago I was touched by reading a book by Chinghiz Aitmatov
where he describes (in an unforgettable painfully graphic way) a traditional tribal forceful removal of a memory out of a captive in an order to make a safe slave out of him/her … this creature was then called ‘mankurt’
… in a beautiful poetic language Chinghiz re-tells a heartbreakingly sad Kirghiz legend about a strong young man having been caught by an enemy tribe and made into a mankurt … his mother who loves him so refuses to believe that anything could possibly make her son to forget her … she rides her horse to the enemy camp and slowly finds her sons whereabouts .. she comes into his closeness and tries to sing to him the song which she used to sing to him when he was little … but her son thinks that she wants to steal the horses he was ordered to guard and to protect them he kills her ……
… this beautiful legend is of course an allegory to human kind and Mother Earth .. or Mother God perhaps …… as well as to our own personal life …..
also inspired by listening to some Eckhart Tolle’s stuff (I love his way… smiles)


ego, consciousness, eckhart tolle, origins, true to self, true nature, harmful social constructs, no memory, chinghiz aitmatov, mankurt

I believe arts making creates connection between our inner and outer worlds.
I love the depth, the lightness, the playfulness, the seriousness and the inexpressibly sincere nature of relationships which tend to ‘just happen’ while sharing interests, passions and frustrations about art :)

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  • Loui  Jover
    Loui Joverover 3 years ago

    eloquent and wonderfully forged stanzas, i really love the last line so much it becomes a drawing in my mind.

  • .. South beach is the of leash area for dogs :) ….
    thank you so much for saying I am eloquent Loui that’s a first time
    .. have my hopes up now to see that drawing too soon

    – annamora

  • Kristin Reynolds
    Kristin Reynoldsover 3 years ago

    I have yet to encounter a more difficult task than remembering myself/staying wake outside te dream we call “life”.living is amazingly difficult; what a great poem and a sad sad story.

  • thank you so much Kristin …
    living, I think is both amazingly difficult AND amazingly easy … yes .. that’s why I liked that the Kirghiz legend and Eckhart’s teaching both tell me that I do the right thing to re-remember who I really am … means someone completely fallible and ordinary and yet THAT is just fine and I can be content in this moment ……

    – annamora

  • Nira Dabush
    Nira Dabushover 3 years ago

    Splendid writing here, Anna..
    Let us remember the IMPORTANT AND TRUE In life……
    thanks for sharing..

  • yes … thank you so much for this obviously perfect understanding of what I tried to express, Nira .. it’s an honour for me to be understood by you :) ….

    – annamora

  • eoconnor
    eoconnorover 3 years ago

    beu8tifully written anna a very sad story !Liz)

  • thank you so much Liz, your support is most wonderful … sorry to give you this sad Kirghiz story .. I do remember it took me some time to “process” (lol) this story in my mind (well it took me years … ) … I can say be glad I did not write down HOW the memory had been removed by these tribal people (very cruel) …. at first it was of course understood as an allegory to the communist regime trying to force people to forget their spirituality and those parts of history which were not approved by the Party …. but even now this legend continues to inspire by it’s archetypal meanings ….

    – annamora

  • Anastasia Zabrodina
    Anastasia Zabr...over 3 years ago

    well done, Anna…beautiful poem…very atmospheric too!

  • thank you Anastasia .. I thought you might know Aitmatov …

    – annamora

  • FeeBeeDee
    FeeBeeDeeover 3 years ago

    Your poem is specific in its setting. I can see the walk, the pondering. And I think too, who told us we should be tamed? And I think of what their motives might be, good and bad.

  • yes
    thank you very much for your thoughts here … it’s that sifting through thoughts and sensing where did they actually come from and why which interests me now … I am afraid through my life so far I’ve accepted so many thoughts as ‘a given’ without much thinking …..

    – annamora

  • TaylorJordan
    TaylorJordanover 3 years ago

    … 100 miles an hour brilliant. Great Job. Blessings :)

  • :)
    thank you

    – annamora

  • Thea T
    Thea Tover 3 years ago

    Wow…this is very moving!!!… I’m off to put some more kindling on that sacred fire :)

  • yes!
    wintery chill ask for that too :)
    thank you so much
    and appologies for the late reply

    – annamora

  • Alenka Co
    Alenka Coover 3 years ago

    Beautiful and evocative.

    I walked my dog on a South Beach, too …… felt closest to the wild and primal there.

  • thank you so much Alenka
    that’s so good
    it makes me happy to know that you felt that place too
    I was once introduced to the beach just adjacent to the Hill 60 (north side) as a place where earlier had been a lot of life enjoyed by koori people here … there are middens there … and I felt that I could indeed feel it somehow – their presence in the past but now at the same time – I mean …. it’s quite amazing ……

    – annamora

  • Alenka Co
    Alenka Coover 3 years ago

    I think everything is still there in some form, some people like you are just more attuned to it than the rest of us. There is a feeling here where I live of the hardship endured in the past …. I can feel/ imagine what it must have been like, how cold, how isolated, how hungry and still having to work through the pain.

    I like to think how the air I breathe, that is part of me, is shared by all life, plant and animal, now and in the past. It makes the sense of oneness real :)

  • I know :)
    I know that feeling of oneness well … it is (in many ways) blissful …
    and despite all its frailty and ephemeral quality i am somehow sure that this feeling is stronger than anything else we know ….. (perhaps close if not identical to that what Eckhart Tolle names the “NOW” – forgive me, I cannot help not mentioning him, for I just “discovered” him for myself )
    I am very thankful to meet you here and to get to know that you feel the same … often there arises such desperate fear of isolation in my mind (yes – that what Eckhart would call ‘the pain body’) ….. to know that there are others who feel the same oneness really helps because, sadly, majority of people I meet would not want to even start to comprehend what we are talking about here ……..

    – annamora

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