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Orange Juice drumming for Erika :)



  • Erika .
    Erika .9 months ago

    oh sweet god… I can’t stop laughing…!!!!
    ha hahaha hahahha hahaaha!

    this is still so insanely, painfully funny as the first time I saw it..!! :D
    thanks so much for putting this up Anna, brought tears to my eyes again.. ahhaaha!

  • Yeap, I like to watch this one time to time too :) – gives another good reason to like oranges, hey !

    – annamora

  • kendrickj
    kendrickj9 months ago

    Yes! I know this one, geniuses need to blow off some steam else they’d implode with all those equations :) Feynman was not just a physicist, he was a mystic, and of course a rascally womaniser which may have given hope to an entire generation of physics students.

  • :) it is a good one isn’t it – I found it long ago because someone posted a link on bubble – probably – not sure – and it still amuses me – it is actually a clip from much longer video which I watched the other day ..
    I did not know about any rascally womanising facts in his life which makes me ponder how do we actually define such things these days anyway ?
    I guess majority of the significant scientists when looked onto from a deeper viewpoint could be seen as mystics because the alchemy was after all the driving force behind their tedious labour of discoveries – the other day for example I saw this really interesting BBC documentary on Isaac Newton – never before did I know that he is called “the last alchemist” because of course he was always called “the first of the serious scientists” there where I went to school :))

    – annamora

  • TokikoAnderson
    TokikoAnderson9 months ago

    Are they your family? Is that native Australian language :D:D ?

  • I wish they were Tokiko and perhaps they are in some sense :)
    That language is native to all the planet I say :))
    Thanks so so much for giving me big smile by your presence here oxoxox

    – annamora