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a thank you

I cannot help but post a thank you here – though it is not certain if those mystery buyers who bought prints and cards of my works will read this / a sincere thank you for showing your interest in my works – ‘the quest’ and ‘Elijah in the desert under the broom tree’ / both of these are my favourite works too ! / Love & Light / Anna
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In case you'd like to find

In case you’d like to find / (makes me remember how I used to find so many interesting things through links other bubblers posted) / [Video] / Love & Light / Anna
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in response

In response to the work of Fernando Vieira http://www.redbubble.com/people/fernandovieira/works/12554284-pajelan-a-shamanism / [Video] / you might like / love and light / anna
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Another quote for the collection :)

“The only triumph in life is the triumph of life itself. Our awareness of it we feel as happiness. Art work represents this happiness. It does not represent life because life is infinite, dimensionless. It is consciousness itself. And that cannot be represented. But our positive response to life can be, has been, and is represented in art work” (A. Martin, quoted in “What We Do …
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