Artist in transit with the open road ahead connecting dots around the world and in the mind, in between what was and what is yet to come.


My original artworks are available for purchase and I am also available to do commissions …please bubblemail if you are interested.

Artist Statement
I have always found language to be a very limited means of expression.
Sometimes impossible. I understand and translate the world around me
 visually and through direct experience of feeling and sensation so I tend to
 use the same visual medium to express myself, and what I perceive. For me, inspiration is everywhere and around everything. I move in between the circuitry of existence in an attempt to communicate with, and evoke, the patterns hidden within the subtleties of the normal.

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Copyright Notice
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19. July 2014 Coming out of the Tunnel

I am bursting with a new found feeling of my own existence. / Strong and powerful frequencies. / My mind is wandering to wide open fields and long-forgotten lands / with limitless possibilities. / I am not quite there yet. / Holding still in anticipation, / don’t want to miss hearing my inner voice – soft and deep. / With me are friendly skies on rainy days and my life is getting wa…
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28. June 2014

I’m quietly sipping my coffee, / sitting on the deck, / settled in to my little jungle of herbs and buzzing bees, / letting my thoughts wander, soaked in the warmth of the rising sun. / Breathing in and out the soft air / filling the moment with fluids of peace. / . / . / Leise nippe ich an meinem Kaffee, / sitze auf der Terrasse, / eingekuschelt in meinem kleinen Dschungel von Kräutern un…
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25. July 2006

The blood is sleeping. But the desire of feeling my own senses has grown deep, filled with an unstoppable tremendous drive to eliminate the lifeless stuff, which has gotten chained to me and lulled me to sleep. / The rivers of my veins start to flow more and more powerful in every unit of time like lava underground! / . / . / Das Blut schläft. Aber der Wunsch, meine eigenen Sinne zu fühlen ist ti…
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9. June 2006

I wriggle slowly out of the snug little cubby of blankets. Taking a shower. Letting the cool morning breeze that blows through the open windows gently caress my naked flesh. I savor the mild sun. / For a while, i luxuriate in the feel of the soft towel against my skin and then, the breeze picks up and feels like a thousand miniature tongues licking the beads of water from my body. / Today, no ex…
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