New Products

Great choice of new products is a welcome opportunity for more sales. I am pleased to have sold some of my new designs of abstract and photographic images.

Ode to Romance 4x large throw pillows

Damson and Gold extra large print

Many thanks

Many thanks Rob for buying few cards, as it is always a nice surprise to know your work has sold.

Fallen Apple

Muse on Peace



and Ice Roses

also thank you RD for buying Venetian Lovers

Thank you for choosing

this favourite of mine Sylvia………………Union of Love

And to the anonymous buyer who liked

Woodland Ravine:
Mountains of strenght:
Memories of Sunsets:
Purple Passion:
Beyond the Horizon:
Wondering Maze:
Forever singing forests II:


Weather the storm:
Music of the spheres:

and some of my older work

Find your way:
Jewels of wisdom:
Spanish Carmen:

A nice surprise for a new year………..My very best wishes for an inspiring 2011!

Thank you to Pauline, Dot and an unknown buyer.....

It was a nice surprise to receive mail from RB informing me that I have sold some work. I would like to say thank you to all for purchasing my cards recently….

Firstly to Pauline Wherrell who liked

Pentagon of Fire

Floral Canyon

and Water Cave

To AuntDot who’s favourite painting is Rich Greens

And the unknown person, who also purchased
Joyous Encounter

and Rich Greens

It is always a nice surprise to receive news such as this, knowing that someone likes the work I do……