Another Joak n Neets Collab :))

This time I drew a “Quirky Quine” to fit with Joaks poem Rhonas Rabbits. This was great fun, hope you enjoy it too !!

Rhonas Rabbits by Joak

rhona hud twa furry friends
she kept them in her pocket
yin o the called mirabelle
the other yin called rocket!

they rabbits they went everywhaur
tae school an doon the toon
an when oor rhona went tae bed
they slept in her night goon

yin sunny day she took them baith
tae see the localpark
they aw hud fun goin doon the chute
it really wis a lark

but aw guid things come tae an end
they went aff tae catch the bus
while mirabelle fell fast asleep
oor rocket caused a fuss

noo rhona sat aside a wife
her name wis ms goodwillie
but whit we rocket got up tae next
wis really awfy silly

the wife hud been doon tae the shops
tae get somethin for her dinner
because she wis sae awfy fat
she bought lettuce tae make her thinner

weel rocket got a sniff o it
an he wis a hungry bunny
so he got oot an ate it aw
it really wisny funny

ms goodwillie got an awfy fright
she nearly wet her pants
cos the last thing that she did expect
wis a rabbit in her plants!

did she no jump an gave a screach
an shouted get the cops
cos av been robbed by a hairy thing
wi big ears that jumps an hops!

so rhona got chucked aff the bus
an had tae wander hame
she swore that she wid never take
these rabbits oot again!

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