…T-Shirts with a serve of Counterculture

(In case you hadn’t noticed)

My ideas are often inspired by the days where I find myself wishing for a reprieve from our consumerism saturated culture and superficial, biased media analysis.

So, I create these tees to get it off my chest. And hopefully on to yours.

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Adam Curtis' video collaboration with Massive Attack >

the Guardian have an interesting piece today: Adam Curtis and Massive Attack: what is reality? / “Look at the flickering video images that bombard your world. Do you trust them? Or have they stranded you in an ‘enchanted cocoon’? Read an extract from Adam Curtis’ video collaboration with Massive Attack from the Manchester international festival” / extract: / “W…
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Animo gets some Coty Lovin'

hey : ) / Coty Gonzales over at cotygonzales.com is featuring my Ingredients & Classified tees on the front page of his t-shirt blog today. Take a gander here: Classified: Human by cotygonzales.com / He’s a self-confessed “T-Shirt loving freak”, so if you’re a tshirt designer here on the bubble, slap your PR hat on and send him your best tee. / What are people saying…
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