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Noticeable Things...

Working and being surrounded by high creative expectations, I have noticed that the true creative bar moves and fluctuates more than what us artists would expect. Trends will always come and go… But there is still a constant underlying concept of creative approaches.

You might call them “creative baking recipes”… the elements that make these baked goods different is how it is decorated and presented. For example… Look at a cake made by your typical grocery store compared to a high end bakery. Both are cake but dramatically different in price and how you would use the cake. (birthday party vs a wedding… you most likely will not use the same cake for both).

So what does that mean for creative expression? Every artist is striving to be more innovative than their competitor. Plus there is always one more thing that someone can suggest to make a creative piece “better”. Does it really make it “better” or does it just appeal to the viewer differently?

Noticeable things to think about when looking at creative expressions…

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