Duirwaigh Studios Warehouse Sale!

Well, it happened! We got the call just a few days ago (one day after Izzy, our chihuahua, was diagnosed with a serious heart condition)—the call we hoped would never come…or not come for a looooong time. The one where our warehouse lease-or announced he needed us to move our 1,000 square foot warehouse full of furniture, belongings, art and collectible inventory and Duirwaigh memorabilia OUT of his space in Atlanta.


Apparently, he was not aware we live 1800 miles away and couldn’t do it within the seven days notice he’d given us.


So, we’ve juggled, we’ve figured, we’ve colluded, and come up with a plan for Angi to fly into Atlanta while Silas watches the sick Izzy puppy child. There she will sort, pack and pack some more. A week later she’ll fly back into New Mexico and sit with the sick puppy child while Daddy (aka Silas “Pan” Toball) flies into the ATL, packs and packs and packs and then loads up a Uhaul to drive back to NM.

Whew! I’m tired just reading about it!

The Upswing? We’ll be starting to sell off the remainder of our publishing goods (prints, books, calendars, cards) as well as our original painting inventory, doll art, sculptures and a lot of miscellaneous muchness an suchness.

Right Here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/duirwaighgallery.com/m.html?nkw=&armrs=1&_from=&ipg=&trksid=p3686

This first auction is launching to help pay for our Uhaul and flights. It will be followed by similar auctions in April, May, June and throughout the summer.

All items should be live tonight, and if you’re interested in other rare prints or paintings from Duirwaigh (ones you don’t see on tonight’s auction) just contact us! Once the move is finally behind us, we’ll set up an online gallery on our site www.Duirwaigh.com so you can see – at a click – some of the goodies that would love to be adopted into new homes.

OH! And for those of you who remember a painting from years past and would love to adopt buy are juggling the might forces of the economy, FEAR NOT! We’ve initiated a TEN MONTH LAYAWAY program that slashes even the fiercest of fire-breathing price tags!

Brightly Woven,


Here are a few things you will find on our eBay sale:

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