Angel Status® Art Collection is a photography brand that features art to support various non-profits (charities) from around the world! The Mission is to create Change through my photography. This all started with a dream I had back in 2010, when a beautiful Angel visited me … read more about my dream at:

LIMITED EDITION: Only 99 framed printed copies will be made available to world. After all 99 framed prints are sold in each collection, then the opportunity to collect that particular piece is gone forever.

PLEASE NOTE: The artwork increases in price as the collection becomes more sold out.

“You must be the CHANGE you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

With your help, my mission to create CHANGE will become a reality.

I would not be a photographer if it wasn’t for this dream [true story] …

“This all started with a dream back in summer 2010 … one of those dreams that when you awoke, it felt real. The kind you have to pinch yourself afterwards so you can come back to reality.

In this dream … I was there, tripod all setup on a grassy mountaintop – snapping photos of a beautiful Angel hovering before me. The Angel didn’t speak a single word during our entire shoot and the Angel’s beauty must not have been of human origin. She was of perfect beauty. Let it be known, she was the definition of beauty. ‘Impossible’ I thought.

Behind the Angel (in this dream) was a worldwide disaster … chaos …

It looked like an earthquake, hurricane, and tsunami all in one. The disaster behind the Angel looked like pictures from Hurricane Katrina in my dream.

But by photographing this beautiful Angel, I was helping the people impacted by this catastrophe. Every picture I took channeled more and more financial support and needed media attention to that particular disaster.

I awoke abruptly. And now I made a commitment to God, I would make this dream into a reality …

I’ve traveled the world — 28 different countries to be exact — and now I am home to bring you Angel Status®. Our photos will create change … but only with your support. Together, you and I will make a real difference. My wish is to see this dream come real. We each have a purpose in the world we live in. Join me on this mission. Support. Love. Angel Status."

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