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I live in Arizona but was born and raised in Louisiana.
I am more interested in people than landscape.

I use a Nikon D80 for the most part.

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Where is Gabby?

I have been out of here for a while now just working, working, and watching my life pass me by. I just came in here and clicked on Gabby (Gabrielle) and she’s not coming up…Does anyone know what happened to her?? She is such a sweetheart, I hope she’s ok! / Thx. Bonnie
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Just a note: I met with Habib tonight to go through the pictures I took of him. We have narrowed the file down to 75 pictures so far!! / I showed him the awesome comments you have all written and he was overwhelmed!! So this is a “Thank You” from him and “All The Best” to each of you! / And also from me, a big thank you for your support and comments. I have totally enjoye…
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Cactus Problems Photographing AZ

I’m not sure if this has been said in here because we had to find out the hard way through trial and much error at my son’s expense when he fell into cactus. / The best way to remove it is to use elmer’s glue. Spread it on, let it dry, then peel it off. This is for those irritating tiny little cactus stickies that you can’t see especially. Make sure it’s totally dry…
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