The Fine Traditional Art Of Angela Flemming

The Fine Traditional Art Of Angela Flemming

Angela Flemming is an Artist of European descent. Art is a natural talent which she has.

Her style is not cultivated. It is what comes from her naturally. Everything she sees passes through the filter of her imagination and emerges as a unique vision.

She creates both digital and traditional art; however, she is most passionate about creating traditional art. Her favourite subjects are fantasy subjects and animals; more recently, she has become delighted with the pop surrealism movement, as she had been drawing big eyed girls long before she saw any big eyed girl artwork, or knew anything about it. It is her ambition to create a body of work consisting of her big eyed girls. Each one of her works of art comes from her own imagination and Spirit.

In this shop, can be found the can be found the fine traditional art of Angela Flemming which can be purchased as prints etc.

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