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Artist Statement

Art for me is the best way to let my emotions run free.

Freedom to express the quirky, happy, sad, confused emotions I have all caught up inside.

When I work with paints I am reminded what I am most passionate about in life. Colour, shapes and movement are all around me in everything I do.

Setting the mood and the colour are my key elements I apply to become one with the characters I am creating.
I could say part of my heart and soul are in each piece.

No matter what the subject is I feel I have achieved a good result when the piece oozes with colour and energy.

My work is an assortment of my memories and moments I have encountered so far.
Some pieces are portraying my own inner struggles and others I want to capture the cheeky side of life.

Sometimes I deliberately leave the faces blank in my figurative work to allow the viewer to imagine who they want the characters to be.

Welcome to my world I hope you enjoy them!!!

original work available for sale
enquiries: angela.mulligan4@bigpond.com

  • Joined: March 2010