Oh what to say about me :) Well, I am an artist. I am a professional photographer that went on mat-leave and never returned to the studio. I’ve shot portraits to make money, and honestly I’m not a fan, it feels too ‘cookie-cutter’ to me and I feel the artistic limitations and they suffocate my art, so I much prefer to do portrait photography more as a gift for friends than for money. I’ve done the whole function thing and hated the food and the hours… lol, so I try not to do that anymore.

My passion is in still life and landscape photography, though I really enjoy fashion photography as well.

That aside, I love to draw, paint, I was a professional musician for 18 years and I currently teach piano on a very part-time basis, and I compose music for myself under the band name Purple Saffire. So you ask, “Angela, how do you make any money?” Well, I made my hobby of making jewelry into a little business and it’s doing amazingly well :) I also sell some of my photos and such, but my absolute full-time job is take care of, guiding and teaching, my beautiful miracle baby girl.

Happy Shooting!!! :)


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I'm BACK!!!!!

Hey friends! How are you all doing? I hope you all can forgive my long absence. I’m starting to get some sleep now so I think I’ll have more time to spend viewing and reading your amazing works. I have a lot of catching up to do. / Also, I was working on a new website, but I’ve decided that Redbubble is the place for me, so I will be reloading some photos that I previously t…
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